Man ignores guard rail, injured after 30 foot fall on Mt Lemmon

San-P-vista-2At 1:20 a.m. on July 30, 2014, Pima County Mount Lemmon deputies responded to a report of a male falling off the retaining wall at San Pedro Vista. When deputies arrived, they learned the male made his way past a guardrail, slipped, and fell thirty feet.

The Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Unit, the Mount Lemmon Fire Department, the Southern Arizona Rescue Association (SARA), and the Rural Metro Fire Department responded to assist with the rescue. They hiked down to the injured male, stabilized him, and carried him up to the roadway in a Stokes basket. The male, identified as 44-year-old Charles Buskirk, was transported via ambulance to the trauma center with no obvious life-threatening injuries.

It was not reported if alcohol was involved.

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  1. Guess he wasn’t smarter than the guardrail. DUH!! Should have charged him for all the manpower that was at the scene to pick up his sorry ass.

    • AGREED. If you have to call in emergency rescuers in Canada, as soon as you get to the hospital, you are handed a bill. Wish it were so here. Why it’s NOT, I don’t understand. BTW, my friend no longer has a husband, because a few years back HE TOO ignored the guard rail to get a closer look at his surroundings. Took a LOT of people to bring his body out. He fell over 200 feet from Windy Point. Sad…but stupid, too.

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