Huppenthal sends over 60,000 teachers a campaign email/video in possible violation of law

huppenthalBy Brad McQueen

In possible violation of Arizona campaign law A.R.S. 15-511, Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal sent me and over 60,000 other AZ public school teachers an email clarifying his campaign’s latest talking points on the Common Core along with a link to a campaign points laden video posted on Youtube with the AZ Department of Education logo emblazoned front and center.

Huppenthal’s email letter and video link has also been posted on the taxpayer-financed Arizona Department of Education’s website in the form of a press release.

Arizona law (A.R.S. 15-511) specifically prohibits the use of school telecommunications, computers, email and email lists, etc., from being used to influence an election.

Huppenthal has been repeatedly called out by his Republican primary opponent, Diane Douglas, most recently at a 8/5  candidate debate in Mesa, for his desperate, last minute pre-election flip flop on his position on the Common Core in Arizona.

Douglas’ support has been growing exponentially as Huppenthal’s campaign has been imploding from the weight of his anonymous racist posting scandal, as well as his serial deception regarding his position on the Common Core.

In an act of desperation Huppenthal’s email seems to make a reference to Diane Douglas’s calling him out on his false Common Core position when he writes,

“Recently my support for Arizona’s College and Career Ready(Common Core) Standards has been misrepresented. Therefore, I have released the following video in the hope that I can better clarify my stance on AZCCRS.”

Here’s the full email letter sent on taxpayer-paid internet servers with the Department of Education logo blazing:



August 12, 2014

Good Morning,

I want to thank all of the education community for your great work in providing Arizona students with a high quality education. I am proud of your dedication and commitment, and I am particularly proud to lead such an extraordinary education system.

To those dedicated to the implementation of Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (AZCCRS), I want to reassure you, I wholly support your work. I am making every effort to assure Arizona does not destabilize our education system by rejecting the quality work already invested in the development and implementation of these new standards.

Recently my support for Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards has been misrepresented. Therefore, I have released the following video in the hope that I can better clarify my stance on AZCCRS.

Message on Arizona’s Standards

Again, thank you for your efforts in supporting the transition to the new and better standards. To read the transcript of the video, please click here.

John Huppenthal
Superintendent of Public Instruction

The email letter links to his Youtube video where he repeats his more recently adopted campaign talking points mantra that he is now “against the Common Core,” and that he, “prevented the Common Core science and history standards from infiltrating Arizona.”

Here’s the Youtube video with Huppenthal parroting his new campaign talking points:


These are the exact same talking points that Huppenthal repeats in his newest radio campaign ad most recently airing on KQTH here in Tucson. Listen here:


Compare that with Huppenthal’s exact same campaign talking points at the 8/5 debate with challenger Diane Douglas in Mesa, AZ:

Huppenthal has supported the Common Core in Arizona his four years as Superintendent and was even slated to receive a special award from the AZ Chamber of Commerce for his Common Core advocacy, until Huppenthal admitted posting anonymous racist comments to online blogs using Department of Education computers.

Huppenthal mandated all Arizona teachers to attend multiple professional development workshops to be trained on how to implement the new Common Core math, reading, and writing standards in the classroom during the last school year.  I know this because I had to attend a year’s worth of these worthless workshops.

Huppenthal, in an attempt to defuse the rising opposition to the Common Core standards in Arizona, mandated that teachers and their schools begin calling AZ’s Common Core Standards  the “Arizona College & Career Ready Standards” (ACCRS) instead.

It’s pretty obvious that Superintendent Huppenthal is using computers, email address lists, and internet servers paid for by the taxpayers to send a publicly paid for campaign ad to over 60,000 possible teacher voters in Arizona.  Huppenthal is also broadcasting his new position on the Common Core to his employees, Arizona’s teachers and administrators, so that they may disseminate that message.  The inherent message to all is that they oppose their “chief educator’s” new position at their own peril.

We have all become numb to Huppenthal’s constant lies regarding his positions on Common Core and his lies against his opponent Diane Douglas.  Just when we think that he cannot possibly go any lower, Huppenthal always finds the basement to his basement.

We must not become numb, however, to the alleged breaking of campaign laws.  We must stand firm against this possible lawlessness from our Superintendent of Public Instruction.  I call on all Arizonans to flood AZ Secretary of State in charge of overseeing elections, Ken Bennett, with emails and phone calls to investigate this matter immediately.

bradBrad McQueen is a former Common Core insider and current public school teacher in Tucson, Arizona and is the author of the anti-Common Core book “The Cult of Common Core”. Connect with Brad at


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  1. Hupp, you are done. Your actions are enough. I would have had a little sympathy for you when the wild leftist dogs came yapping at your heals – but you cried like a girl. Go away you weak narcissist…

  2. Attorney General’s Guidelines on §15‐511

    The Attorney General’s Office has published guidelines to give school officials practical advice on adhering to the law’s requirements.

    Contact Chris Thomas, ASBA’s General Counsel/Director of Legal and Policy Services: or 602.254.1100 / 800.238.4701

  3. OK, so I heard back from Ken Bennett’s Sec of State Office. They said,
    “Please contact the attorney general’s office or county attorney regarding this issue. They would be the appropriate offices to file any complaints with in this matter.”

    Does anyone think AG Tom Horne will prosecute his buddy Hupp? The Tom Horne, former SPI who signed Common Core into AZ along with Jan Brewer (he passed it so he could see what was in it)? Well, I will contact his office anyway.

    Gotta try to work this system!

  4. Click on the link to the Sec of State’s office!!

    Here was my message to Ken Bennett, current Sec of State:

    This message is in regards to John Huppenthal’s recent email to 60,000 teachers which appears to be an apparent violation of Arizona law (A.R.S. 15-511) which specifically prohibits the use of school telecommunications, computers, email and email lists, etc., from being used to influence an election.
    How will the Secretary of State’s office respond to this?

  5. Not a shock just affirmation of how corrupt elected officials in Arizona are. Do you think Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne will take legal action? Don’t count on it the law does not apply to corrupt elected officials! One last note irregardless of party affiliation they are all self serving …

  6. Outrageous. I was at his town hall In Oro Valley when he doubled down on his support for Common Core. He even used the phrase “I’m doubling down on Common Core because it’s the future of education in Arizona”.

  7. Yes, I got one of his MANY emails which he periodically sends to teachers and immediately deleted it. There is not one word out of his mouth or which he could write that I care to hear or to read! He’sw a liar and the truth isn’t in him!

  8. Huppenthal, clearly in violation of AZ Election Law

    It is imperative that campaigning and advocacy efforts of candidates, issue‐based ballot measures (including school bonds and overrides) by school board members and public school employees stay within the bounds of the law. Arizona Revised Statutes section 15‐511 (A.R.S. §15‐511) prohibits school districts from using school resources to influence the outcome of an election.

    This is what A.R.S. §15‐511 prohibits:

    It prohibits school boards (collectively, as a board) from making statements or submitting arguments in favor of, or in opposition to, a ballot measure. (This does not include the pro-statement required to be submitted and signed by the governing board in an override election pursuant to A.R.S. §15‐481 B.9.)

    It prohibits school employees, when on school time, from activities that would influence an election.

    It prohibits the use of school property including equipment, paper, copiers, buildings, computers, etc., from being used to influence an election.

    It prohibits Arizona school districts from expending funds for membership in an organization that attempts to influence the outcome of an election.

    It prohibits students being given campaign material intended to influence an election or material intended to influence the outcome of legislation. Because this is an area of the law with special emphasis, the best practice is to avoid children taking home any material that might be deemed political.

  9. Huppenthal says in his ad that he stopped Common Core History and Science from infiltrating AZ schools. A very easy accomplishment considering CC History and Science curriculum DO NOT EXIST .

    Huppenthal states in his email to teachers “To those dedicated to the implementation of Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (AZCCRS), I want to reassure you, I wholly support your work.” – So he FULLY supports the implementation of Common Core. Yet, he lies in his radio ad saying Diane Douglas has allowed CC to infiltrate our schools. Last I checked Huppenthal, you are the one in charge and I don’t see a copy of ” The Cult of Common Core” on your little book shelf.

    The Captain says – will the real Johnny Huppenthal please stand up – if you’re wearing pants.

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