Tucson Police officers cleared in shooting young homeless man

dunckleeThere were no riots or looting after two Tucson Police officers, shot and killed a young homeless man, holding a small stick, this summer. All is calm this week after the Pima County Attorney’s Office cleared officers Allan Meyer and Robert Soeder in the shooting death of 28-year-old Michael Dunklee on May 21 in a midtown apartment.

The officers were dispatched to an apartment at 3810 E. Monte Vista Drive near North Alvernon Way, by the property manager who stated that two people she had previously evicted had returned.

Michael and the woman were asleep in the bedroom with music playing when officers arrived. Dunklee, who was hard of hearing was awakened by the frightened woman who had the officers announce themselves and open the door to the darkened bedroom. According to officers, Dunklee was “standing on the other side of the door with a … sawed off hockey stick raised over his head,” and he “made a growling sound and charged toward the officers with the hockey stick raised over his head.”

However, a video shot by a friend earlier shows the weapon, the friend claims Michael was wielding, according to Michael’s dad. In that video (see below), it appears as if it is a rounded, approximately 2 feet long and 1 ½ inch diameter piece of wood.

Police also struck a woman standing near Dunklee. She suffered a leg wound

Michael Dunklee died at the University of Arizona Medical Center. The woman was treated at the hospital and released.

No one protested. His family and friends mourned quietly and questioned why trained officers did not show more restraint.

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