The cult of Common Core admits its designs on our schools’ cult of Common Core

barrett-common-coreBy Brad McQueen

Dr. Susan Berry, at Breitbart, recently confirmed that the Common Core group, PARCC admitted in a press release, that their testing is designed to drive curriculum, although the cult of Common Core has vehemently denied this for years.

Berry reported:

The federally funded Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), a Common Core assessment consortium, issued a press release Friday that confirmed the Common Core standards and their associated tests are intended to drive curriculum.

Though developers and proponents of the Common Core initiative have argued that Common Core is merely “standards” and not “curriculum,” the latter of which local school districts can decide themselves, chief executive officer of PARCC Laura Slover said in the release, “High quality assessments go hand-in-hand with high quality instruction based on high quality standards. You cannot have one without the other. The PARCC states see quality assessments as a part of instruction, not a break from instruction.”

The CEO of PARCC isn’t the only Common Core mastermind making the admission that Common Core has designs on ultimately controlling how local teachers must teach the new federal standards in their classrooms.

In the following video, Craig Barrett, former CEO of Intel and current Chairman of the Common Core group Achieve, describes how Achieve can provide the Common Core curriculum and assessments to our schools when he says:

“Achieve can provide the tools for improvement, the internationally benchmarked curriculum, the internationally assessment tools and then if we can work with the political leaders, the governors to implement those two key aspects of education then we have a chance to compete and win.  Without it I think we’re dead.”

Don’t take my word for it; listen for yourself starting at the 03:50 mark in the video here:

Craig Barrett from Achieve on Vimeo.

Notice how Craig Barrett never once mentions how parents can be involved in their kids’ education, rather he only mentions Common Core’s plans to work with the “governors” and other political leaders. Why would Common Core involve those pesky, question-asking parents in their scheme for their children?

In their arrogance the forces in the cult of Common Core eventually reveal their true intentions. Tick, tock, Common Core, tick, tock!

bradBrad McQueen is a former Common Core insider and current public school teacher in Tucson, Arizona and is the author of the anti-Common Core book “The Cult of Common Core”. Connect with Brad at


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  1. Why should parents or anyone trust a federal government that can’t do anything right to take on education? The parents hate it and the teachers know it is nonsense. This is a bad plan for more degenerative fedral waste at an astronomical scale. Why repeat and double work what local school districts already implement at a fraction of the cost with effective results?

  2. These are very great comments and observations. I’m so glad people are speaking out. This is such an evil plan, and it is so scary how hard and fast they are pushing this. Thanks to all that speak out.

  3. Anthony Fierro, read Brad McQueen’s book, The Cult of Common Core. That pretty much sums up the problems with Common Core. Also, Rich K’s comment is spot on.

  4. Can someone please dispell with the rhetoric and tell me what the REAL objections are to common core?


  5. if we can work with the political leaders, the governors to implement those two key aspects of education – Craig Barnett

    Just what I want to hear from a businessman that government will tell me what is best for my child. When the hell will you people wake up and do a little research to what is happening in your lives other than waiting for someone to make a decision for you which is just what the federal and state governments are about to do to your children. Don’t you care what happens when a testing organization sets standards that drives the curriculum that they also will sell?? Governments have figured out that indeed you don’t care so they will do anything they want to you and use your own tax money to do it. The only solution is to do some research on issues and VOTE the bas&^%ds out of office. Gee, that takes effort but in the end it will be worth it. If you don’t your children will be screwed thanks to you.

  6. Of course standards are meant to drive curriculum and testing. That is what standards do. This is hardly a revelation. By itself, it is neither new nor nefarious. The problems with Common Core are not that these standards are driving curriculum. The problems are the flawed way they are being rushed into classrooms across the country, the way the US Department of Education has violated federal policy by bribing states with NCLB waivers and grants tied to the adoption of Common Core, the way businesses like Pearson are set to make hundreds of millions of dollars by selling their flawed tests through insider connections, and, most significantly, the content of the standards themselves.

    States that had not yet developed a set of academic standards were forced to do so by the passage of No Child Left Behind and its statewide testing requirements. Every set of standards that was or will be adopted by a state drives curriculum. Here is an example of how that happens. The statewide tests are based on the standards. If mastering basic geometry is part of the standards for the 9th grade, then 9th grade math courses better teach basic geometry or students will fail the statewide 9th grade math test which is based on the state standards. Different districts can adopt different courses of study for 9th grade math, but at the end of the day, all students needed to be taught basic geometry as part of the district’s course of study for 9th grade math. There are significant problems with Common Core (see above,) but this is not one of them.

  7. Common Core/PARCC equals Big Brother Education System. Once the local stakeholders are eliminated from the curriculum process, the government can and will more easily endoctrinate all students. It worked for Hitler and so many other dictators throughout history.

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