Gosar demands answers from Holder, Johnson about Operation Streamline

yuma-countyOn Thursday, Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar wrote a letter to Attorney General Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Johnson and U.S. Attorney for Arizona John Leonardo regarding alterations to the prosecutorial guidelines prescribed in Operation Streamline. Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot tipped Gosar off to the proposed changes.

“The Obama Administration has once again taken executive action to undermine our system of laws. It should come as no surprise that the President, the Attorney General and the other relevant officials have once again succumbed to pressures from liberal interest groups who have been complaining of this legitimate law enforcement operation for years now. This issue was brought to my attention by Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot, who informed me that his department learned of these changes in a recent briefing offered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).”

The letter continued, “The Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney have now indicated they will no longer prosecute illegal immigrants under Title 8, United States Code, § 1325. This dereliction will completely undermine the United States’ ‘zero tolerance’ policy established through Operation Streamline and flies in the face of years of work conducted by federal, state and local law enforcement to secure our communities and our borders.”

The letter concluded, “It seems like a never-ending cycle these days. The Administration acts to circumvent the law, Congress makes legitimate Congressional inquiries, and… silence. Nothing. Zilch. I am sick and tired of this Administration—which promised to be the most transparent in history—constantly seeking to tilt the scales on our age-old systems of checks and balances. I will not stand for it, and I will continue to seek the answers the people deserve.”


  1. “It seems like a never-ending cycle these days. The Administration acts to circumvent the law, Congress makes legitimate Congressional inquiries, and… silence. Nothing. Zilch. – ” What difference does it make ” H.Clinton “I’ll have more flexibility after the election” BO – this is what the electorate elected – this country or what’s left of it – on it’s way to mediocrity with it’s hair on fire – open borders UN mandates – running the country who needs electorate – is what we are seeing – the nation with ‘Congress’ on one side and the Senate never going back in time on the other – has lost it’s ability to govern the nation in effective manner. The question – when will the other nations fear us and America’s new imperial strength enough to destroy us – after they blame us for the economic collapse on the horizon? say after the next election when intents become a more clear and present danger? About the time Iran is nuclearized? The clock is now ticking…

  2. I agree, Billy, just more of the same handwringing from our legislative branch. The only real thing that this country hasn’t absorbed yet because the MSM wants no part of it is the IRS mess and I do mean mess. An IRS attorney is about to be disbarred for lying, the IRS is stonewalling a federal judge and also congress, Lerner’s Blackberry was wiped clean during the congressional hearings after the IRS was told not to destroy any records, etc. And on top of all of this the IRS director is still lying to congress about Lerner’s emails. We don’t have them, we have them, it will take years to find them etc. Worst of all Obama’s DOJ under Holder will not appoint a special prosecutor in this case despite the blatant lying by this administration’s lackeys. And this is not the only one either, but it is a horrific example of the legislative branch doing absolutely nothing to protect the American people (that they are sworn to protect) from the most corrupt and ignorant administration led by the figurehead Obama and puppet master Valerie Jarrett and her henchmen behind the scenes. And the man is simply a figure head and has not had an original idea in his presidency. Yea, the most open administration in history has closed ranks and is now the most secret and incompetent administration in history. But what the hell, the 47% are living off the government and as long as the dole is good they could care less. Kind of like our legislators. Never have figured out why you spend 2 MM or so to get elected to take a job that pays 200K a year. Oh wait, the salary is just chump change compared to insider trading and the money left lying around by K St. So, Randy, your little rant is simply more sound and fury signifying absolutely nothing but a sound bite to make you look good and that is what it is all about with congress. Just do enough to make yourselves look good and get elected. Screw the taxpayer.

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