Maricopa County Attorney fails to hold sex traffickers accountable

human-trafficking-400According to a new study which was released on August 25 by Shared Hope International, in partnership with Arizona State University, buyers who purchased sex acts with minors are avoiding sex trafficking charges. The report paints a bleak picture of how child prostitution and sex trafficking crimes are prosecuted in Maricopa County.

The study, titled “Demanding Justice,” cites 24 criminal cases and concludes that buyers of child sex are not effectively being held accountable.

The Demanding Justice Report documents the criminal justice outcomes of buyers, with the ultimate goal of identifying gaps in anti-demand law enforcement in order to generate creative solutions to develop effective strategies to combat demand. The report explores national trends in the enforcement of anti-demand laws. The research also tracks 134 cases from arrest to sentencing in four target locations (Phoenix, AZ; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; and Baltimore, MD/Washington, D.C.) to determine whether buyers are being sentenced to the fullest extent of the law.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is outraged by the report, however many note that he has been far too busy engaged in a witch hunt against his political enemy; Attorney General Tom Horne, to notice the failures of his office to protect children.

A recent request for emails from his office regarding his candidate for Arizona Attorney General; Mark Brnovich reveal multiple fundraising emails and responses to the public on his support for Brnovich. In the emails, Montgomery steers constituents to his private email account, so as to appear to not be electioneering on County time.