U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorses odd couple; McSally, Sinema

sinema-mcsallyThe U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced their endorsement of Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema and CD2 candidate Martha McSally in Arizona’s congressional races. The choices reveal which candidates will support corporate welfare.

The Chamber, comprised of large corporations, is targeting Sinema’s Republican challenger Wendy Rogers, and McSally Democrat opponent, Congressman Ron Barber, who have both been small business owners.

Barber’s campaign responded to the false attack ads by the Chamber. “Ron will always put the needs of Southern Arizona ahead of Washington–that’s why he has the second most independent voting record of any candidate for Congress,” said Ashley Nash-Hahn, spokeswoman for Ron Barber for Congress. “While Martha McSally takes campaign cash and direct orders from Washington, Ron stood up to the President and party leadership to get things done for Southern Arizona. He fought the establishment in Washington to save the A-10, protect Medicare benefits and end the government shutdown. Southern Arizonans support Ron’s work to put solutions ahead of politics, including more than 100 Southern Arizona Republicans who endorsed him last week.”

McSally was hand-picked by the GOP establishment, and flew into Arizona from Germany to announce her intention to run for Congress almost immediately after Congresswoman Gabby Giffords announced her retirement. McSally has now lost to Barber twice, in has many congressional runs.

Last week, Barber invited McSally to debate. McSally had been unwilling to debate her challengers in the Republican Primary, and in response to Barber’s invitation McSally launched a misinformation campaign implying that Barber was not accepting her debate invitation.

“As someone who grew up in Southern Arizona, I know that our community demands an honest and rigorous debate on the issues, and I invite Martha McSally to tell us exactly where she stands,” said Ron Barber in a statement released last week in his announcement of the invitation to McSally. “The voters of this district will always know where I stand. I am fighting to give middle class families lower taxes and quality schools.”

According to the Arizona Republic, Sinema drew criticism from Republicans on Tuesday after the freshman Arizona Democrat’s campaign sent out an e-mail that asked supporters to add their names to an online petition calling for a “full investigation” of the Phoenix VA hospital crisis — and at the same time offered an opportunity to contribute to her re-election effort.

However with the support of the Chamber, Sinema only needs the vote, and not the money of the veterans, their families, and their supporters.

Sinema has the support of the big money donors. Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry President and CEO Glenn Hamer said of Sinema, “The Arizona business community appreciates Rep. Sinema’s hard work on issues like the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank.”


  1. Chuck, so sorry that you didn’t have the money to compete with the McCain clone. For an first time runner you did well. And sir, you are right one way or the other we will end up with open borders with either party. Don’t know why the sheeple don’t understand that but what the hell they are too busy trying to love all things green and ILLEGAL. We might be a doomed country in a very short while. Just keep your fingers crossed that we make it through 9-11 unscathed.

  2. Only thing barber is fighting for is his place at the public tit. He cares less for anything but the party line. They keep trying to say he is for the people but has yet to do anything that hasn’t been started by someone else. Save the A10 and DM! How, he didnt even know the A10 was on the cut line until the senator from back east started the row to save it! As to saving DM, I havent heard anything on this other than the A10. He supported bho care and now says he didn’t so like the rest he is just another pol. Only thing I give him he is not a mclame clown, close but thats about it.

  3. Not such an odd couple. They both believe in the same big government policies espoused by progressives of both parties. Defund the GOP The establishment is unteachable and will continue giving us weak, inarticulate, arrogant, self serving candidates they can control. The sooner they face reality and zero in the bank the better off we will all be. No way will I vote for McSally. Don’t want her in office for 50 years. She can do a lot of damage in that period.

  4. Did Ron Barber really say he was “fighting for lower taxes?” I guess he doesn’t consider healthcare subsidies and bailouts tax money.

  5. Actually, not so odd a couple. The boyish McMcMcSally is, just like the bi-sexual Communist Sinema, a pro-amnesty, big-government, tax & spend, anti-Constitution, control-the-sheeple leftist who flies under false colors. Both are poster-gals (?) for the picks the CofC boys just rammed through our recent AZ primaries.

    All of a sudden the CofC boys are afraid of Ron Barber after his very strong support for the survival of Davis Monthan AFB and the A10 air fleet that protects our American military men. They are afraid he is developing loyalty and affection for regular Americans and AZonans, and that doesn’t fit their plans at all. Next thing might be protecting American workers from the illegal invasion. He strayed from the leftist corral, so now they will cull him from the herd.

    CD2 wake up, there is only one candidate left in the race who has actually been standing up for US in supporting our community-our military and our veterans, and it ain’t the boyish handpicked RINO McMcMcSally.

    God bless America.

  6. Well of course the C/C will endorse McSally. She is a McCain open border, H1B visa clone. She will give business all of the visas that they need to screw the American worker in favor of indenture for all foreign workers on the H1B visa. Its documented now that American tech workers cant find work because of this process and yet the tech companies want thousands more so they can hire cheap foreign workers to make more money. The same with ILLEGAL labor. What don’t you understand about the “truth” that both parties are trying to sell you. Open your eyes and vote for anyone but the ones endorsed by the C/C and any MSM outlet.

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