Man who mailed bomb to Arpaio convicted

Gregory Lynn Shrader
Gregory Lynn Shrader

An Oklahoma man, Gregory Lynn Shrader, was convicted late yesterday by a federal jury for the April 2013 mailing of an explosive device addressed to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The homemade bomb, authorities say, was mailed to the Sheriff from a post office box outside Flagstaff and contained wires, battery, switches and other materials sufficient enough to cause grave bodily harm had it been opened by Arpaio.

Shrader used the Sheriff as a pawn in his plan to frame his former business partner for the crime.

Though Shrader pled not guilty to all charges, the federal jury took only three hours to convict the former author of financial books. Evidence presented at the trial, including witness testimony from Shrader’s former girlfriend who told the jury she saw him mail the bomb as well as genetic and handwriting analysis evidence.

The conviction of Shrader marks the second suspect found guilty in the last month of attempting to harm or kill Sheriff Arpaio.

Recently, a Canadian teenager was sentenced for threatening to kill Arpaio and his family on seven separate occasions. In total in the last year, there have been convictions of five different suspects who threatened the Sheriff’s life.

Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan surmises that Arpaio’s controversial persona garners national attention which may be why he is the subject of so many threats.

“Our Sheriff is a well-known and controversial law enforcement professional who actively oversees the day to day operations of the fourth largest Sheriff’s Office in the United States, and as such has been the recipient of numerous threats over the years, many of which have resulted in arrests and convictions.” MORE

About the federal jury conviction of Shrader, Arpaio says, “I am appreciative of the excellent investigative work done by the US Postal Inspector’s Office, the FBI and the U.S Attorney’s Office who together brought this criminal to justice.”

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