Tobin moving up in polls as Kirkpatrick stumbles

sonoran-allianceDespite the fact that the NRCC counts on the likes of perpetually out of touch Daniel Scarpianto to push their candidates, Arizona Speaker of the House Andy Tobin is making progress against Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick.

While Tobin is hindered by the bumbling NRCC crew, with their ineffective and embarrassing half a million dollar “Baggage” ad against Kirkpatrick, a recent poll shows that he is taking the lead in the CD1 race.

The Tarrance Group poll shows Tobin beating Kirkpatrick by eight points, and the Rothenberg Political Report has changed the status of the CD1 race from “Toss-up/Tilt Democrat” to “Pure Toss-up,” according to the Yellow Sheet. A the same time, Ron Barber in CD2 is gaining momentum against the GOP’s hand-picked carpetbagger Martha McSally.

The NRCC’s Baggage ad, which shows a woman from the waist down in mid-length skirt and high heels rolling baggage around while a woman’s voice says that Kirkpatrick carries Obama’s baggage, meant nothing to most rural Arizonans; especially those who have encountered Kirkpatrick in her customary jeans and boots.

The negative advertising that is causing the biggest ripples in rural Arizona right now, appears to be of Kirkpatrick’s own creation and appears to have cost nearly nothing. An image of her campaign banner on float in a parade supposedly in Eloy, Arizona was Tweeted by a conservative blog; The Sonoran Alliance, and started being passed around on various social network sites by her constituents.

The simple float, with Kirkpatrick and gubernatorial Fred DuVal banners hanging from it, is not extraordinary in any way except that the Mexican flag is flying from it and the American flag is conspicuously absent.

The residents across Kirkpatrick’s district are up in arms over the picture. In a rural district full of horses there are plenty of pitchforks and they are at the ready after the picture made its way around the social media universe.

Kirkpatrick has been on shaky ground for some time with the economically struggling residents of her district. After losing her seat in 2010,Kirkpatrick put three campaign aides onto her congressional payroll and then doled out more than $100,000 in taxpayer bonuses, according to the Arizona Republic. She also voted against a measure that would prevent taxpayer-funded health care for life for Members of Congress.

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  1. Tobin single-handedly blocked the Balanced Budget amendment from coming to the AZ house floor for a vote. As a reward he gets Establishment RINO backing for a congressional run. And pretty incompetent backing at that.

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