Could money determine next Arizona House Speaker

az-capitolTwo things most Arizona State legislators agreed on was the fact that Speaker Andy Tobin could raise money to aid them in their re-elections and he was pretty fair in the distribution of that money. The ability to fund raise might play a big factor in which legislator becomes the next Speaker of the House.

According to multiple sources, David Gowan, has acted as if that top spot is his, but he should not be so confident.

According to the Yellow Sheet, J.D. Mesnard told their reporter that the speaker’s race isn’t quite over yet. The Yellow Sheet reported: “Mesnard hinted why he remains hopeful that he could somehow snag the House’s top post, despite reports that Gowan has secured the support of moderates in his bid to succeed Tobin.”

In a press release, continued the Yellow Sheet: Mesnard, Gray and Tobin announced that the Republican House Victory Committee, which they lead, has raised $90,000 since its last report, and the IE now has more than $160,000 cash on hand going into the November election. “We are so grateful to those who have given of their hard-earned money towards the Republican cause so that we can continue to promote policies of job creation and fiscal responsibility for Arizona,” Mesnard said in the news release. However, one House Republican said Mesnard is subtly sending a signal to his caucus that if they truly want a speaker who can raise funds to help defend and expand Republican seats – a major role for whoever succeeds Tobin – then he is the man for the job.”

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