DPS reports over 2,400 collisions attributed to distracted driving

texting-drivingOver 19,000 traffic stops and 2,400 collisions attributed to distracted driving

Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers have focused enforcement action on distracted driving. According to DPS, distracted drivers mimic impaired driving behavior and can have deadly consequences. The ability for drivers to perceive danger and successfully avoid common roadway hazards is also greatly reduced.

The latest distracted driving enforcement data was collected between January 1 and September 16, of 2014.

Traffic stops
DPS officers made a total of 309,654 traffic stops during the eight and a half month period. 19,800 of those traffic stops were made due to distracted driving behavior. The biggest distractors leading to poor driving behavior are; 3,642 drivers stopped for cell phone use, 3,508 drivers stopped for other occupant related issues and 2,385 stopped for outside distractions. The other distractions in order from greatest to least are other electronic media, eating or drinking, on-board equipment, texting, reaching for objects, pets, smoking or tobacco use, reading and grooming or makeup.

DPS officers investigated 2,400 collisions attributed to distracted driving. The biggest driver distraction leading to collisions were; 393 outside distractions, 238 reaching for objects and 167 for cell phone use. The other distractors in order from greatest to least are other occupants, other electronic media, eating or drinking, texting, pets, reading, grooming / makeup and smoking or tobacco use.

DPS’ Highway Patrol division will continue its intensive statewide patrol effort to target distracted drivers in Arizona through education and enforcement of existing state laws.

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  1. I do not understand why our elected politicians will not pass a law that a person can be stopped and given a citation for reckless driving or even better yet a DUIOED, and give them the same punishment as a regular DUI/DWI. The politicians think that they always need to pass laws to protect us from ourselves even when most are unconstitutional so why not in this case.

  2. These self-absorbed idiots who are using a cellphone while driving are the biggest road hazard in existence today. Potholes, construction zones, roadway trash, all can’t even compare to the morons who continue to think they are the absolute center of the universe and are gabbing away or texting while operating a motor vehicle.

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