Corp Commission launches online public comment request to speak feature

The Arizona Corporation Commission is launching a new feature that will allow the public to sign up online if they wish to give public comment at a Commission Open Meeting. Now, those who want to speak at an Open Meeting can sign up to speak either online or in person.

The first time a person signs up on the Commission’s site, they will create a Request to Speak Account Profile, and then any subsequent time, the individual can simply log in with the previously created account information. Public commenters can also use one of two electronic kiosks located near the South entrance to the Commission building. Then, during the Open Meeting, the Chairman will call speakers to the podium during the appropriate agenda item.

“The Commission wants to be sure that citizens all across the state have the ability to participate in our important decision processes and this new on line access is an exciting new opportunity that makes that participation more accessible to all Arizonans,” said Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith.

“This new communication feature will enable Arizona’s ratepayers to voice their concerns about a rate case or other commission issues to us live at our open meetings all from the comfort of their own home or office,” said Commissioner Bob Burns. “This is especially beneficial for those citizens in rural areas who will no longer have to spend significant time and expense traveling to the Commission to ensure their voices are heard.”