Low information voters pull away from McSally

martha-mcsally-fundraiserShe had counted on the low information voters to carry her to Congress, but as more and more of those voters become informed, Martha McSally is sinking in the polls. Congressman Ron Barber has pulled away from McSally according to Roll Call.

Barber was left of the paper’s list of “10 most vulnerable incumbents,” last week.

Evidence of the internal Republican polling, which shows McSally falling behind, was demonstrated in the less than enthusiastic conversations among Republican Party operatives in recent interviews. It has gotten so bad, that one Republican Party operative in an appearance on an obscure Tucson radio show desperately steered the conversation away from the topic of McSally to a local school board race.

According to the Yellow Sheet, “the primary reason Barber narrowly won in 2012 is that neither his campaign nor the national Dems grasped how competitive the race could be early on, something the source attributed to how handily Barber defeated Kelly in the special election that put him in office. As a result, McSally gained momentum, and the Dems struggled to stop it. But this year, the source said the Dems and Barber’s team were prepared and have run a much better campaign.”

The dems are much more prepared and McSally’s team isn’t. Her recent ad has drawn criticism for its incredibility. In the ad, McSally claims that she was the one who sounded the alarm about the A-10 and that Barber was asleep at the switch. However, according to retired A-10 pilot Tom Norris, “I was personally engaged with Rep Barber’s staff in June of 2013 on the A-10 issue. He was gathering data and had established a dialog with other senators, representatives, and the USAF before her op-ed in August of 2013. The definition of clueless has to be a person who assumes nobody is doing anything, pulls the fire alarm, then watches events with no impact for over a year, then claims credit.”

The truth of the A-10’s possible demise was revealed on the popular James T. Harris radio show during an interview with the perpetually befuddled Senator Jeff Flake shortly after Barber had already gone to work behind the scenes. Flake, who is closely associated with McSally has shown little interest in saving the A-10.  In fact, there was little interest in the Arizona Republican delegation to save the A-10. As a result, Barber worked closely with New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte (R) to save the troop saving plane. According to sources, McSally operatives later sought Ayotte’s endorsement and were rejected.

McSally’s embellishment of her accomplishments have irritated many of the very people who would naturally support her. Because of her exaggerations, she has been unable to earn the support of many of the Air Force retirees who reside in CD2. One retiree said of McSally’s bold claims about her service, “Barber has seen way more enemy fire than she has.”

McSally refused to participate in any debate during the Republican Primary. After every possible maneuver to dodge a debate with Barber, the two will face off tonight in a lived televised forum at 6:00 p.m. on PBS (Channel 6) and NPR 89.1 FM.

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  1. Most elections I have to hold my nose to vote.
    The primary I didn’t have to, I was proud to vote for Chuck Wooten.
    This election I’m going to have to put on my Walter White hazmat suit for CD-2, might as well keep it on for the rest!

  2. When McSally loses again I’m not sure the GOP is smart enough to say a candidate running for 5 years and losing for 5 years is a loser. They’ll had pick another McCain acolyte and we’ll keep losing. I worked for Wooten and every time I was at an event with him my admiration for him grew. He is the real deal and I hope he runs again. Carolyn Cox, Bruce Ash, Frank Antenori, Linda White, Emil Franzi, all need to shut up and step back and let the citizens select a candidate. It will have to be with the blessing of the GOP because fighting your own party is and exercise in futility.

  3. There is a serious problem when low information voters are counted on as Independents. If this is best she can do with her campaign and win here in AZ she had better start giving out some free sh*t paid for by the tax payers.

  4. yes they may be, BUT look at who they are supporting, not necessarily in this contest but across the board. the grijalvas, the pastors and the like who promise them free for all, no strings attached! How do you think we got hooked with bho?

    If they had any sense they would realize at ALL levels that the idiots in power need to be replaced, but the cot, bos and school bored hope that the curtain is never raised and the local media is more than happy to accommodate. They get idiots to pass out flyers in color and they think its great, the dummies eat it up and the ruin continues. Too bad the challengers are not willing/able to walk the streets as they did in the past to meet and greet and get the folks to possibly know their names. If and when they might do this it is not in the neighborhoods with poor streets or people, its normally in the middle to upscale areas, and just how well does that work with the southsiders or those out on the west side of town?

    no politicians rely on tv ads or maybe a mailer and they dont realize that folks will switch channels and put stuff directly into the garbage/recycle, I know I do. AND they promote actual LIES to try and convince then have the gaul to say “I am XX and I approve this AD”. Says a lot about who is considered a viable candidate by the parties does it not?

  5. low information voters running away from low information McSally – who’s running on empty from the git-go – I’m one voter that as a Republican – used to be democrat way back when – find that both parties have so skewed the nation as to destroy it.. it’s constitution – and form of government – with so many “who cares, what difference does it make” politicians – there won’t be time for the ‘next election’ – enjoy your new mediocrity and demise America. You’ll be getting the leadership and country you voted for and deserve after this election. As for local representation – there has not been any for my district in quite some time… just the taxes.

  6. I will NOT vote for McSally, NOR will I vote for Barber. Neither one of them are good enough. Yes, Barber will probably win again, but we won’t have to deal with McSally serving for two years before running to take McLame’s seat in the Senate.

    I agree whole-heartedly, jdfast. It’s a shame that many voters of CD-2 couldn’t see through the smoke and mirrors of the establishment candidates, and bypassed the opportunity to elect a worthy candidate in Chuck Wooten.

  7. The best candidate for the district is sitting at home on his butt while little Martha will get her butt beat the 2nd time. Hopefully we will never see here again in this state. The old guard republicans can simply send her to DC and put here on someone’s payroll. When her peers run away screaming, you know she is a loser.

  8. If the polling is correct and I hope it is, wonder when the old guard republicans are finally going to learn a lesson and get behind a candidate that the people of the district want to go to DC for them and not someone hand picked in a backroom of a bar in Phoenix. We simply can not afford another McCain/Flake clone that is clueless about the needs of this district. Little Martha is simply another backroom handpicked candidate while Chuck Wooten sits at home and would be the best representative for this district but that is not what the party hacks want. When Martha’s peers run away screaming, that tells me that she is not what she pretends to be and after the election she can go back where she came from. Wonder what idiot republican will put her on their staff in DC???

  9. If the polling is true and I hope it is, wonder what the old guard republicans are going to do the next election cycle?? Gee you think that they might get behind someone like Wooten who is by far the best candidate for the position or bring in another McCain/Flake clone. Any bets??? You know little Martha is in trouble when her peers run away screaming…..

    • When you say “let the Democrats compromise”, as Wooten did, you’re saying I won’t bend. If we continue to elect people who do not believe in compromise, we’ll continue to see nothing getting accomplished on Capital Hill. We need compromise from both parties.

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