Rogers questions Sinema’s foreign policy core

Congressional candidate Wendy Rogers is coming out swinging this week against Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema. Rogers is calling attention to Sinema’s advocacy to close Guantanamo Bay and Luke Air Force Base.

Rogers is questioning Sinema’s record on national defense, including the fact that in May 2014, she voted in favor of an amendment which would have allowed the government to transfer suspected terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to criminal jails on U.S. soil and provided for trials under federal or state courts rather than military tribunals. In June 2014, Sinema voted against an amendment which would have defunded federal efforts to release suspected terrorists currently imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay.

Rogers blasts Sinema as a former member of the radical anti-war group the Arizona Alliance for Peaceful Justice.

Rogers is critical of Sinema’s position on whether the government should go after ISIS. Sinema refused to frankly answer the question saying she’d ‘requested a classified briefing’ and would have to ‘carefully evaluate the information’ before she could decide.

Rogers says the Sinema “has made a mockery of our national security. She even led an anti-war protest in a tutu.” According to’s 2012 The Reinvention of an Anti-War Activist:

Sinema was one of those radical left-wing activists who donned pink tutus at anti-war rallies and organized with anti-Israel groups.

One Democratic Arizona state representative who has worked with Sinema said her views are impossible to decipher.

“When she wanted to be an activist, she was anti-war, all these kinds of things that now she says she never was,” he said. “I don’t think she actually has a foreign policy core, I think she has a political core.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo, Sinema didn’t just dabble in radical circles; she helped organize and lead extreme anti-war groups that took anti-Israel positions on issues like the right of return and Israel’s self defense. Townhall’s Guy Benson reported that she was involved in anarchist riots that encouraged property destruction.

Sinema’s campaign disputed the claim that she was involved with anti-Israel activism, calling it a smear tactic by opponents.

While the GOP has largely ignored Rogers her growing popularity as a reasonable alternative to Sinema is creating a buzz.

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