Bill Galactus: Sunday’s comic


You know things are bad when you can’t even make an interview with the flame-throwing Steve Kozachik interesting. Bill Galactus: The destroyer of stations is driving listeners away from KQTH, faster than pot holes proliferate in the old Pueblo.


  1. I will always listen to Jon Justice, Dave Ramsey, James T Harris, Laura Ingram.
    KQTH needs to pay attention to their listeners and program their shows to what we want to hear.
    I would love to hear Richard Hernandez with his own show. I would bet that he could motivate the conservative community to a recall effort.

  2. Bill Galactus is the 2nd greatest panderer of all time, a very close second only to John Justice. I don’t even turn on KQTH in the mornings anymore.

    If you want to learn about the Constitution, constitutional history, constitutional law and constitutional law violations, tune in to the Great One, Mark Levin on KQTH weeknites 9PM to midnite. Every night is an education. What a shame they have him on so late.

    God bless America

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