Grijalva sign thief caught on video, others go unseen

Under her leadership, the Tucson Unified School District is facing a $15 million dollar deficit and losing more and more students every day, but at least one guy thinks Adelita Grijalva has a good enough chance to win re-election that he stole one of her campaign signs. The fact that he got caught confirms that he is not the sharpest pencil in the teacher’s desk.

What is more surprising, than the sight of an obviously middle-aged man stealing signs, is the fact that Grijalva claims “over the past few months, over $7,000 worth campaign signs have been stolen or destroyed beyond repair.” Yes, you read that right $7000 in signs to win a third term in an unpaid position. That is just the signs that were snatched.

When your dad’s D.C. based PAC donates a few thousand dollars to your campaign, $7000 might not seem like much. When you throw in the donations from Washington lobbyists and congressional staff, $7000 on signs is a pittance.

For a candidate who argued in favor of local control so that the district could continue indoctrinating students in the now-defunct Mexican American Studies classes, taking money from D.C. seems a bit hypocritical. View campaign finance reports here, here, and here.

Grijalva, thanks to her deep-pocketed friends, is offering “a reward to anyone who can provide identifying information that leads to a conviction. All sources will be kept confidential,” according to her press release.

“The outcome of this election in TUSD should not be decided by thieves or criminals,” concludes the statement.

For years, Grijalva has used the district to employ friends and relatives and accumulate power to continue the pushing the agenda of her father, Raul Grijalva, Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Congressman Grijalva got his start in politics on the TUSD School Board.

TUSD Board member Michael Hicks received a call from a supporter on Saturday morning, who had just witnessed a thief take down his signs. The Hicks signs have been disappearing at nearly the same rate Grijalva’s have been appearing. With a large war chest, Grijalva can afford to replenish her signs indefinitely and afford the cameras too.