Taxpayers win in Phoenix polling decision

phx-city-hallEarlier this month, Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio brought the public’s attention to the mayor and Council’s decision to spend $1.1 million on polling. Councilman Nowakowski asked for reconsideration of the matter this week.

According to DiCiccio, “My office has used that time to reach out to Grand Canyon University, which has a history of providing similar services to municipalities at little to no cost. After I presented that information at yesterday’s Council meeting, the City Council voted 5-3 against spending $1.1 million on surveys.”

“One of the Council members who voted in favor of spending this money repeatedly stated “this is only a little money,” advised DiCiccio in a constituent newsletter, “it is still your money, and we have a duty to spend it wisely and carefully, saving everywhere we can.”

According to DiCiccio, after his email went out exposing the money set-aside for polling, he was “contacted about the possibility of this partnership which the City may now consider pursuing instead of simply continuing to spend as usual.”

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