Stolen vehicle recovered from Tucson lake

lakeside-parkThe Tucson Police Department received a report that witnesses had seen a truck driven into the lake at Lakeside Park on December 26, 2014. On December 28, at approximately 4:00 p.m., the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Dive Team responded to scene.

When the Dive Team arrived, they conducted a search of the murky water utilizing a boat equipped with sonar. The vehicle was located approximately 20 feet below.

A buoy was placed in the water to mark the location of the vehicle from above. Due to darkness, a decision was made for the Dive Team to resume the vehicle recovery the following morning while TPD maintained overnight security of the potential crime scene. On December 29, 2014, at approximately 8:00 a.m., the Dive Team returned to recover the vehicle. Two divers were used to locate and attempt to visually inspect the vehicle.

The divers were able to attach a tow cable to the submerged vehicle so it could be pulled out of the water. The empty vehicle was successfully removed from the water. According to the Sheriff’s Department, there were no immediate indications of criminal activity associated with the stolen vehicle. The vehicle was turned over to TPD for further investigation.

The Dive Team consists of 4 Sheriff’s Department deputies and 8 members from the Pima County Search and Recovery Divers, a group of volunteers operating under the coordination of the Search and Rescue Council, Inc. All members went through training through the Emergency Response Divers Institute (ERDI) and all members are certified divers. Although two deputies actually made the dive, there were several other support members necessary to ensure operational safety.

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