White takes brand of boring to Sacramento

bill-white-kqth-wgn-iheart-radioBill White came to Tucson, he saw a successful radio station, and in short order he conquered the audience the audience of KQTH and sent them packing. Now he is packing up and heading for Sacramento according to sources.

With his own brand of boring, Bill White hit the Tucson market in July of 2013, and almost immediately began dismantling the successful format that featured Jon Justice in the early morning and James T. Harris in afternoon drive time. National talkers filled the space between in between the two popular conservative hosts.

White came to Tucson from TRIBUNE Talk WGN-A/CHICAGO and previously programmed WBT-A-F/CHARLOTTE, KDKA-A/PITTSBURGH, and KMBZ-A-KCMO-A-KKGM-A/KANSAS CITY.

White moved Justice to a later slot in the morning, causing an almost immediate hemorrhage of listeners, and due to his lack if understanding of southern Arizona muddled through the mornings as more and more listeners left.

It is unknown what the future brings to the station with the impending Scripps purchase, but one thing is clear, if they do not put Justice back on in the early a.m., there won’t be much of a station left by the time Scripps decides what to do.

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