Numerous aliases delay identification of Scottsdale Police shooting victim

Carr, Radcliff, Smith, Sanford

Carr, Radcliff, Smith, Sanford
Carr, Radcliff, Smith, Sanford
On the early afternoon of January 15, 2015 Scottsdale Police Department detectives were conducting surveillance on an organized credit card fraud ring. Detectives were preparing to execute a warrant on the suspect vehicle and a known suspect residence in Phoenix.

The suspect vehicle, a white Mercedes SUV, was followed to the Safeway parking lot at 7920 E. Chaparral Rd. The vehicle was occupied by four suspects, driver – Dewayne Carr (06/30/72), passenger – Elbert Jonta Radcliff (04/20/87), passenger – Shentada Shamone Smith (11/03/93), passenger – Dantrice Sheliann Sanford (11/12/91). Once in the parking lot, suspect Smith left the vehicle to enter the Safeway. The three remaining suspects stayed in the Mercedes. Detectives then initiated contact with the suspect vehicle by use of a “street jump” tactic using semi marked police vehicles. All detectives were clearly identifiable as police officers.

The suspect Carr immediately began ramming into the police vehicles, using his vehicle as a deadly weapon. Detectives, fearing for their lives and the lives of others in the parking lot, responded by discharging their firearms. At least four rounds were fired from two separate weapons. The detectives’ actions stopped Carr’s assault. The remaining suspects in the vehicle and in the store were arrested. Detectives immediately rendered medical aid to Carr. He was transported to the hospital. Carr underwent surgery and remained in stable but serious condition. On January 19th, Carr succumbed to his injuries at approximately 4:12 p.m.

Positive identification of Carr was delayed for several days due to numerous aliases. Carr has an extensive criminal history out of Arizona and Illinois. His criminal history includes the violent crimes of armed robbery and aggravated assault. He had a history of fleeing the police as well as numerous drug charges. The three accomplices are being charged with Aggravated ID theft, Fraudulent Schemes, and other charges.

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