US awards $1.3M to help implement Mexico’s labor law reforms

mrxMexico’s Federal Labor Law Reform of 2012 protects workers from various forms of discrimination: female workers fired or never hired for being pregnant; LGBT workers retaliated against for their sexual orientation; and men and women sexually harassed in the workplace.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs announced the award of a $1,389,000 cooperative agreement to the human rights group, Heartland Alliance International to help the Mexican government implement the 2012 labor law reforms on discrimination, focusing on sexual orientation- and gender-based discrimination, and including sexual harassment and forced pregnancy testing.

“Protecting workers’ rights, including those of women and LGBT workers, is a moral and economic imperative and requires a global effort,” said Deputy Undersecretary of Labor for International Affairs Carol Pier.

Since 1995, ILAB has provided technical assistance to countries with which the United States has a free trade agreement or a trade preference program. ILAB’s Office of Trade and Labor Affairs oversees more than $75 million in grants to more than 70 countries.


  1. So they don’t take care of their poor. They send them over the border for our tax payers to take care of and then we also fund their law reforms? We don’t even enforce our own laws (see millions of illegal immigrants). We have no business wasting our tax dollars paying to enforce the laws of another country. Especially one with vast resources as Mexico. Quit coddling them and hold them accountable for their own people. We are not Mexico’s welfare program.

  2. Don’t feed the beast. The beast being our federal government. They have way too much money to spend on pay backs to political donors. Kind of like Board of Supervisors discretionary fund that 4 members voted twice to continue until the public got involved. Support elected officials like Ally Miller and keep the heat on the other four. Your voice and your body in a seat at the BOS meetings count big time. Be there.

  3. It is time to STOP any and all foreign aid and take care of the citizens and legal aliens of our once great nation first and ESPECIALLY stop all aid to mexico that keeps sending it’s criminal, illegal, alien, terrorist, combatant, invaders to OUR NATION. IMHO the politicians that keep giving our tax monies away while we have millions of people in need in our nation, they should be arrested, tried and convicted of TREASON and given the ultimate sentence allowed for their TREASONOUS ACT’S.

  4. An, since when do we help another country implement their own laws?? Oh, wait, on numerous occasions the Mexican President has told us how to deal with the ILLEGAL immigrants so it must be OK right? Please, give me a freeking break. This country is headed right towards the toilet and I for one am afraid its too late to stop the slide. I just wonder how many years we have left before this country literally breaks apart. I fear for my grandchildren…..

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