Worsley’s web: Sunday’s comic


AZVoices.gov is not what it appears to be

Last year, a new website AZVoices.gov was hailed by former Secretary of State  as way for voters to connect with lawmakers. At the time, the two sold it as a way to rate and comment on pending legislation.

Those who understood and utilized the electronic system called ALIS questioned the need for a new system. They questioned the need for – and propriety of – a privately run popularity contest.

Worsley, who made his millions selling things to people they didn’t need, was behind the fundraising effort to bring the site to Arizona voters. He claimed that he wanted the system for voters because his staff was busy fielding calls from constituents in support of – or in opposition to – different bills. He claimed it was too difficult to gauge public sentiment that way.

After it was up and running, Worsley claimed that he was already using data from the site to make decisions. The data gathered from users of the site developed by Mind Mixer, an Omaha, Neb.-based firm, includes users age, gender and legislative district.

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