Motocrosser arrested for aggravated assault against law enforcement

lec Santacruz
lec Santacruz
Alec Santacruz

On Saturday, Feb. 7th, 2015 at approximately 10:30 pm, an off duty Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputy was working security at the ET Motopark Arizona Speedway, in San Tan Valley. The deputy was dressed in his official PCSO duty uniform.

A concerned citizen reported that an intoxicated man had fallen over in her camp. The deputy walked to the area and made contact with Alec Santacruz, (age 21 of Gilbert). Santacruz was extremely intoxicated and staggered as he walked. The deputy offered and attempted to help him find his friends so they could take care of him. The deputy and Sanatacruz searched for his friends for several minutes, but he then informed the deputy that his friends would not talk to him if they saw him with law enforcement.

Santacruz immediately became combative and began to approach the deputy in an aggressive manner while yelling. He refused to obey commands to back away and then attempted to punch the deputy in the face.

The deputy then took Santacruz into custody without further incident and placed him in the back of his patrol vehicle.

When additional deputies arrived, Santacruz was removed from the vehicle in order to conduct a search of his person. During this time, he began struggling with deputies and had to be further restrained with ankle restraints due to kicking.

As Santacruz was placed back inside of the rear of the vehicle he attempted to “head-butt” the deputy standing next to him.

Santacruz continued to be aggressive and yell at the deputy who transported him to the Pinal County Jail. Once at the jail, he was booked for two counts of Aggravated Assault against a Police Officer.

During a routine warrant check, it was discovered he had an outstanding warrant out of Mesa Justice Court for Failure to Pay for Minor in Possession of Liquor with a bond of $500.00.

Sheriff Babeu stated, “What undoubtedly was intended as a night out and fun with friends clearly ended very differently for this young man. Deputies attempted to help him and instead he became aggressive and violent against our deputies. He now faces two very serious felony counts.

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