McSally, Arizona Democrats vote for DHS funding

houseThe majority of the members of the U.S. House of representatives voted against temporary funding for DHS. Only 21 Republicans, including Rep. Martha McSally joined Democrats on the losing side.

Rep. Paul Gosar said after the vote, “The House already did our job more than 6 weeks ago and fully funded the Department of Homeland Security. Democrats waited till the last minute and played parliamentary tricks and refused to even debate the House passed bill.”

“At its core, this debate is about President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty and I refuse to violate the oath of office that I took as a Representative of the people to uphold our Constitution,” continued Gosar.

“Now, Republicans must stand for something or we will fall for everything. If we do not stop this dangerous precedent of a lawless executive branch, we risk diminishing the institution of Congress and the indispensable separation of powers granted to us by our founders, “concluded Gosar.

Rep. Matt Salmon said, “How did we get here? A month and a half ago, the House passed a funding bill for DHS. Senate Democrats blocked that bill from even being considered. Here we are on the cusp of a lapse in funding, and the Senate still refuses to pass the bill that already cleared the House. As far as manufactured crises go, this one rests solely on the Senate Democrats.”

Rep. Raul Grijalva was the only Arizona delegate who failed to cast a vote.

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  1. I wonder what Antenori and Franzi think about their candidate now? If they knew their candidate well, her voting along Dem lines should not be surprising. Or are they just RNC mouthpieces trying to sell a fake candidate? Either way, these two are the epitome of why the RNC will likely get their butts kicked in the next go round.

  2. Chuck, you are in the “inside” crowd when it comes to politics. Your statement is probably true. Lets see what we get from Martha that the Establishment President can point to. Woman, check, homosexual, check, military veteran, check, fought the AF establishment, check, enhanced her own personal self worth as a squadron commander, check. Just another typical self centered politician. If this happens, I will be sick. I will say one thing, unless the republicans get off their ass, they will lose the senate in 16 and seats in the house. Oh, wait, those are establishment republicans that we are talking about. No different than the democrats.

  3. Get used to this pattern of behavior, CD2. There’s no surprise here. There will also be no backlash from the AZ Republican party and they will do everything necessary to protect her and make sure she is reelected. Chew on this: I’ve been told that should a Republican (establishment) candidate get elected President, OTM is a shoe-in for a cabinet position. The Peter Principle in full effect.

  4. Voters bought McCain’s puppet in the primary, when we had a chance at Wooten. If only 100 people had voted the other way in the General at least we would have an honest Representative from Southern Arizona not a McCain carpetbagger who pretends to be conservative.. There a lot of angry disaffected conservatives posting comments on OTM’s FarceBook page.

    Make your money while you can (OTM) one term Martha.

  5. Color me surprised.

    2016 – primaries for the Mcs. 2018 – primary for the Flake.

    Where are the American candidates?

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