Pima County neighborhood group plans paving rally

pima-county-pot-holes-kidsResidents of the Oracle Heights Neighborhood have organized a road paving rally with Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller to voice their concerns over the lack of road maintenance performed on their neighborhood roads. The rally will take place on Saturday, February 28th at 10:00 am as residents will gather at (7137 N. Magic Lane) to share their concerns with their District 1 Supervisor.

While there is no doubt Pima County roads are in bad shape, the Oracle Heights neighborhood is particularly concerned with the safety risks associated with their roads, the result of over 50 years of neglect by the county. Neighborhood organizer, Frank Olivieri said, “Our grievances with the infrastructure in our neighborhood range from serious safety concerns to decreasing property valuations”. He went on to say, “Our roads can’t wait any longer, the last time the County did something it was 1962; they are in terrible condition and the County needs to act now and deal with a problem they have let go for way too long.”

Residents are interested in knowing why they get little in return for paying the highest property taxes in the state as well as an explanation on why the County has chosen to allocate funds to various pet projects over the years instead of basic infrastructure of County roads. While the neighborhood east of La Canada has been resurfaced within the last 2 years, Oracle Heights has not been repaved since the early 60’s.

Oracle Heights Neighborhood is bounded by Ina Rd. on the North, Orange Grove to the South, La Canada to the East and La Cholla to the West.


  1. 6th poorest city, 5th worst roads, hoards of illegals filling our schools and hospitals and occupiers living and defecating in downtown Tucson.

    Nice job liberals, celebrating over twenty years of total control.

  2. Now kids riddle me this. If the state sweeps 7% of the 58 million in HURF funds does Huckelberry decrease the other expenditures by that amount to balance things out. Hell no, instead of spending about 30% of the HURF funds on the roads, its now down to about 23% or about 15.6 million and the other 77% or 47 million is spent on everything else. Very convenient Chuck, maintain overhead at the cost of the roads and blame the state??? Though so.

    • Huckelberry and his bobble heads think we’re all idiots. When you spend 23% of road funding on roads and misappropriate the rest, it’s not a funding shortage. It’s a “you don’t give a damn about the roads” problem. They could repave a lot of roads by using that other 77% of road funding on ACTUAL ROADS. You would think these leaders could grasp that.

  3. Clearly we are not as visionary as emperor Huckleberry. The pot holes are a child safety feature. If a child is crossing a road they can take refuge in the potholes to avoid injury from vehicles that are swerving to avoid pot holes because they are unable to keep an eye on the rest of the road.

    Just remember the glass is half full and chuck will have an unintelligble answer for any situation.

  4. The answer to their question is very simple. Roads have never been a priority of the current leadership of the county. Monies have been available for other projects but not roads. Screw the taxpayer, we don’t need no stinking roads has been Huckelberry’s mantra. As an example, this year, the county has approximately 63 million dollars to do work on roads. 58 million in HURF funds and he even chipped in a paltry 5 million from the general fund which was very big of him. Out of the 63 million dollars ONLY about 30% or 19 million is budgeted for roads. The rest or 49 million dollars will be used to pay of the 97 bond package and overhead. This is the reason that no roads are fixed. Overhead and paying off bonds is more important than roads. Huckelberry will tell you that its the state’s fault, but year after year a very small percentage of the HURF funds are used to fix roads, the rest is for bond payoffs and overhead. Everything but roads. What Huckelberry is doing to the HURF funds is using them in place of General Fund monies to pay salaries, buy offices supplies, pay off bonds and everything that is on the edge of being legal to spend HURF monies for to keep from touching the General Fund so that he can have money for pet projects and the four bobble heads continue to screw you. Aren’t you so happy. Ally Miller needs some help the next election cycle. Two more votes and we can be rid of Huckelberry and the other two will be powerless.

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