Pinal County woman stages disappearance

Jennifer-AlvarezOn the morning of Tues., Feb. 24, 2015, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office provided information to the public regarding reports of a missing woman, Jennifer Alvarez, age 36 of Casa Grande, after her boyfriend reported finding blood within his residence, two missing guns and Alvarez missing as well.

At approximately 7:32 pm on Tues., Feb. 24, 2015, Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputies received information from an individual stating Alvarez stayed as his residence, located in the 300 block of N. Roosevelt Ave., on the previous night. He told deputies that on Tuesday he left his residence to take Jennifer home, but instead dropped her off at a house on Yava St., in Arizona City. When he returned home, he was informed Jennifer was reported missing and contacted PCSO.

On Tuesday evening, deputies returned to Alvarez’s residence located in the 6600 block of Lehr St. near Casa Grande and found Jennifer to be home.

When asked on Tuesday, Jennifer told two vastly different stories to deputies as to why she went missing. The first related to her feeling overwhelmed by the thought of having to plan her boyfriend’s birthday party, which was set to occur on Monday night, and so she left. As for the blood, she explained a dental filling “fell out,” which caused her mouth to bleed.

After being challenged on this story, Jennifer then told deputies that two men came to the residence to visit. During the course of their visit, one of the men asked to use her restroom. Jennifer told deputies that during this time the male subject stole her boyfriend’s handgun and AR15. After noticing the weapons were missing, she stated she feared her boyfriend would be angry so she wanted it to look as if something may have happened to her. She then told deputies she threw a cell phone on the ground, scratched the inside of her gums to cause them to bleed and left a blood trail leading out of the residence.

On Wednesday, however, Jennifer related to Pinal County Sheriff’s detectives yet another version of what occurred.

Sheriff Babeu stated, “Alvarez admitted she staged this entire abduction. The Sheriff’s Office and Casa Grande Police expended many hours and our full attention to locate her, when we could have been working other cases. At the conclusion of this investigation, we intend to file charges against Alvarez.”

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