Many Faces of Steve: Sunday’s comic


Sen. Steve Farley wants people to think he is a soft-spoken bleeding heart, who fights for the little man. However, just last week, SEN. Farley stomped on a lowly Tucson Unified School District Governing Board member because that member dared to ask for transparency in the use of desegregation dollars.

The desegregation dollars have been fueling the Grijalva graft machine for decades with little of the money used to help kids succeed in the classroom.

Farley attended the TUSD Governing Board meeting to crush Board member Michael Hicks. He was so out-of-control that even Adelita Grijalva had to pull him away from the ledge. The abusive senator could not have imagined that his tirade advanced the conversation about equity or classroom funding. It was strictly political theatrics – the theme – Dr. Rogers and Mr. Farley.

From Wikipedia:

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is the original title of a novella written by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson that was first published in 1886. The work is commonly known today as The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or simply Jekyll & Hyde.[1] It is about a London lawyer named Gabriel John Utterson who investigates strange occurrences between his old friend, Dr. Henry Jekyll,[2][3] and the evil Edward Hyde.

The work is commonly associated with the rare mental condition often called “split personality”, referred to in psychiatry as dissociative identity disorder, where within the same body there exists more than one distinct personality.


  1. Farley is just another worthless liberal wing nut that doesn’t have a clue about the real world and doesn’t want one. He is all nice and save in his little liberal isolation booth and thinks that the world revolves around him. What he did at the TUSD board meeting was a disgrace but what can you expect from a liberal that hangs around the the Grujalva mafia. Farley is simply another little puppet in Baja, AZ that can be had for a price. Oh, and by the way, speaking about the trolley, why haven’t we heard glowing reports from the COT on ridership, fare collection, maintenance and operational costs???? Could it be because it is a total loser? Oh and also, how about all of those unfunded pensions hanging around the neck of the COT taxpayer?? Guess we will never hear because most likely it will make the “leaders” of this are look even more stupid.

  2. Just the fact that Farley crammed the trolley down our throats is enough proof for me that he’s an idiot. These fools get in office because any rational, thinking person would be crazy to run for a political position. So we get stuck with the Farleys, the Grjalvas and the McSallys of the world, all incredibly stupid and incompetent.

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