McSally joins Democrats in DHS funding vote, Republicans vote no

The U.S. House voted today to approve H.R. 240, the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act. The legislation that failed to defund President Obama’s executive amnesty, passed in the House by a vote of 257 to 167.

Representatives Grijalva, McSally, Sinema, Gallego and Kirkpatrick voted yes. Representatives Gosar, Franks, Salmon, and Schweikert voted no.

Rep. Matt Salmon released a statement:

“Today, the House voted on a bill to fund our Department of Homeland Security. In doing so, it also voted to fund an unconstitutional action: the President’s edicts on immigration. My constituents have called, they have visited, and they have written letters all asking and urging me to take action. I’ve been doing just that.

“This isn’t just an action that has passed through this body that I disagree with. This is an unlawful, unconstitutional order given by the President of the United States to his administration. This action deliberately sabotages our laws, allowing individuals who Congress has expressly mandated be expelled from our nation to stay, to live as citizens, and to hold jobs.

“This isn’t about party. This isn’t about policy. It isn’t about politics. My opposition to this bill is based primarily on the fundamental separation of powers which the President has violated. The same powers he himself said over 20 times that he did not hold.

“As duly elected legislators, we have a duty to defend our role to the soldiers who have given their lives in the defense of our nation from the Revolutionary War to our current engagements. We have a duty to our nation and her citizens to ensure representatives of the people are the only entity passing laws. But most importantly, we have a duty to ourselves and the Constitution we swore to uphold.

“Today’s vote did the opposite. Today’s bill has weakened our Constitution.”

Rep. Raul M. Grijalva released a statement:

“Governing by manufactured crisis is not governing at all. I am glad the political standoff threatening funding for the Department of Homeland Security is over, but what really needs to end is the mentality that somehow it’s ok to risk our national security – or the paychecks of those keeping us safe – in an attempt to extract political concessions.”

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema released the following statement:

“Every day, Arizonans show up to work and do their jobs, and they expect Congress to do the same. Our constituents deserve leaders who find practical, commonsense solutions to our country’s most pressing issues.”

“I am committed to working with members on both sides of the aisle to put an end to the partisan gridlock and move Arizona and America forward.”

Rep. Paul Gosar, released the following statement:

“The executive branch has slowly and unilaterally expanded its ability to bypass Congress and impose its will without the consent of Representatives elected by the American people. Today’s vote in the House continues this destructive trend. I am extremely disappointed that Congress had a choice to stand against a lawless and unaccountable Obama Administration, but failed to have the fortitude to reject the president’s overreach.

“I fear that our nation will look back on this day and regret the unscrupulous precedent established allowing for ideological lawlessness which cannot ever be reversed. The consequences of a feckless balance of power are far reaching and will affect future events that we cannot begin to perceive. For these reasons, I will never relent and never yield in my effort to return the balance of power in the United States to the American people and their elected Representatives. Nothing is more important than defending the rule of law and our Constitution.”

Rep. Ruben Gallego released the following statement:

“I hope Republicans learned their lesson, we should never play games with our national security or with the well-being of our country. There is too much at risk and the American people deserve better.

“I commend Republicans for finally joining us in passing a clean DHS funding bill that provides appropriate level of funding and certainty for DHS employees to do their job and keep the American people safe.

“Rather than keeping government funding hostage over the President’s executive actions, Republicans should work with us to pass immigration reform that is good for our economy and keeps families together. That is the ultimate long term solution for how to deal with an immigration system that badly needs to be overhauled.”

Rep. Trent Franks posted on Facebook:

The ‪#‎DHSfundingbill‬ was our last and best hope of stopping the President’s unconstitutional immigration actions. I voted against the bill as it was presented today on the House Floor because it did nothing to defund those unconstitutional actions. While I am uncomfortable with a ‪#‎DHSshutdown‬, I am even more uncomfortable with a complete shutdown of the Constitution.

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  1. Anyone else hear the commercial touting the 75 republicans including McSally that stabbed their fellow republicans in the back, supporting illegals and Obama’s unconstitutional actions leaving Arizona citizens in the dust?

    It asks for listeners to call/contact and let them know what you think.

    I did.

    • I and some friends called. One friend called her a traitor another a Benedict Arnold putting more Americans out of work besides the 90 million.

    • Congresswoman’s McSally’s statement indicates she doesn’t understand the issue. They weren’t defunding all Homeland Security, just the part of it for President Obama’s unconstitutional act.

      McSally may be an amnesty RINO but any Democrat elected would also be an amnesty radical so on that issue it cancels out. (Doesn’t make it right to be for amnesty.)

  2. The people with an IQ greater that an Egg Plant knew that this %$#@ was in fact a RINO and tried to make the idiots that planned on voting for her understand that. She is non essential and expendable personnel and it is to bad that she survived her combat mission’s to attack and prey on true PATRIOTIC AMERICANS, which of course does not include her, by defending the criminal, illegal, alien, terrorist, combatant, invaders.

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