House passes HB2431 to adopt Uniform Firearms Transfer Compact

The Arizona House passed HB2431, which adopts the Uniform Firearms Transfer Compact. The bill allows 2 or more states to enter into a compact that establishes uniform firearms transfer agreements that do not exceed Federal regulations.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Bob Thorpe, is intended to protect 2nd amendment rights.

According to the Arizona Citizens Defense League, HB243 “is a critical piece of legislation.” The compact would block outside political organizations from developing restrictive gun owner registration schemes in the state of Arizona.

Also on Thursday, the House passed HB 2320, which allow those with permits to carry concealed weapons to bring them into public buildings.

The debate on the bill was disappointing to many. Rep. Sally Gonzales, appeared to be unaware of the wording and foundation of U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. When Rep. Eddie Farnsworh stated, “The Second Amendment says that we have a right that is God-given to us to defend ourselves. If I have a God-given right to defend myself, and if the Second Amendment recognizes and defends that right against government, then if government wants to take away my ability to defend myself, they have an obligation to protect me.” To which Gonzales responded, “God didn’t write the Constitution.”

Farnsworth then recited the Declaration of Independence for Gonzales. He emphasized that people are “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

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Paul BoyerNVKate Brophy McGeeYNoel W. CampbellY
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Karen FannYEdwin W. FarnsworthYCharlene R. FernandezN
Mark FinchemYRandall FrieseNRosanna GabaldónN
Sally Ann GonzalesNRick GrayYAlbert HaleN
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Victoria SteeleNDavid W. StevensYBob ThorpeY
Kelly TownsendYMichelle R. UgentiYCeci VelasquezN
Jeff WeningerYBruce WheelerNDavid M. Gowan Sr.Y


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  1. The 2nd amendment is very clear on the “right to keep and bear arms”. And if the idiot’s that refuse to read and understand what the creators of the COTUS wanted and are to stupid to realize that the comma between the militia part and the “Right to keep and bear arm’s” part are in fact 2 separate issues of the 2nd amendment, that is there fault for not having the IQ of an egg plant. ANY gun law is an “INFRINGEMENT” on the 2nd amendment. If the anti gun idiot’s would read the constitution and what the creators of it wanted they would learn that the reason that they wanted a militia and for the people to have their own personal arms was that they did not want a “standing army” like the British had to force their will on the people.

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