March is madness month for Arpaio death threats

sheriff-arpaioMarch madness doesn’t just apply to college basketball, deaths threats against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio are keeping the Sheriff’s threats squad busy.

According to the Sheriff, in recent days, three separate death threats aimed specifically at Arpaio have come to light: one by a California man, another from a Canadian suspect and now a Mesa resident says he wants Arpaio dead.

“It’s a bit of a mystery as to why three death threats against the Sheriff have been lodged in such a short expanse of time,” says Detective Brian Mackiewicz who is leading the investigations.

In an email posted today, an 18 year old Alberto, Canada man threatened to kill Arpaio. This is the 8th time in the last two years that this man has threatened Arpaio or Arpaio’s family. His posting today reads, “Sheriff Joe, I’m going to kill you. I got my hands on a very nice Sig Sauer P226 which will do the job nicely. You have less than 48 hours to live. If anyone tries to intervene, I will personally blow up the building at 550 West Jackson into a million pieces.”

Arpaio says he is frustrated by the leniency Canadian authorities have shown to this repeat offender. Arpaio is therefore considering sending his detectives to further investigate the case with the hope of getting the suspect extradited to Arizona to face serious felony criminal charges. “This man is a menace and he needs to be brought to justice,” Arpaio says.

Then, while on a recent trip to California, Arpaio received yet another threat. That threat was made by a California man, Stephen Crow, who called 911 operators numerous times saying Arpaio is a ‘racist Hitler’ and that he will kill the Sheriff.

Crow was arrested by police and today is sitting in a California jail.

The third threat now being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office comes from a Mesa resident who recently told police officers he “will kill Arpaio if the Sheriff is reelected. And that’s not a threat, that’s a fact.”


  1. This is NOT about Racists, this is about death threats against a human being. Why Americans have to turn every bit of news they hear into a racist commentary is beyond the limits of acceptability. HEARTLESS SOULS! I pray “God keeps Sheriff Joe Arapio safe from all harm”.

  2. Radical racists President Obama & Attorney General Holder turned their select corrupt federal judges and attorneys as well as the ACLU loose to fabricate, lie and put on a Soviet style circus trial against Arpaio because he won’t bow to the mighty forces of radical amnesty.

    What a triumph for pompous, puffed up radicals who believe they can make up anything they want and fool everybody. Well, obviously they can fool some gullible people some of the time.

  3. yes it dumpnick, he is just a demo waste of time. Arpio is no more racist then most of the people of color, but because he does what he was hired to do, those same people like to paint with a wide brush. Just think what pcso would be like if we had a sheriff that ENFORCED ALL LAWS not the select few he approves of. Remember he did nothing to stop the princesses attacker before the event. Must be nice to play with the select few and not have to worry about the sheriff arresting or interrogating your son!

  4. I think you mean Clarence Dupnik, I maybe wrong. But I didn’t vote for him first, secondly if he fails to follow a Federal Judges court order, by all means jail.

    Arapio is a RACIST, that was clearly proven in Federal court. So I will say this again just in case Hank you didn’t get it, NO ONE is above the law. I am trying to be nice to Joe, but 5 to 10 yrs is perfect too.

  5. Richard you say he is not following the law, what about your hero dumbnick? He only follows select laws he agrees with. Now talk about putting someone in jail, this guy makes the illegal situation far worse then arpio ever could!

  6. Yes this is a country of laws. No one should be threatened. No one should be wrongfully persecuted, no one is beyond the law.

    That why find who is making this threats send them to prison. Joe Arapio is a criminal send him to prison. If your here illegally no problem with jail.

    The law MUST be applied equally to ALL Americans. Go to jail Joe I hope for min of 6 months but that is being very lienent.

    • Richard says, “Yes, this is a country of laws.”

      Well, except for immigration laws, Si?

      Get whitey. Make him pay.

  7. I hope he does get that sorry Cnuk extradicted to AZ. No American citizen should have to tolerate continued threats from such nut cases with impunity. If one of us isn’t safe, none of us is safe from such threats.

  8. Sheriff Arpaio does his job. If part of his job is corralling illegal aliens and turning them over to the Border Patrol then so be it. Hey, I spelled his name correctly. Imagine that!

  9. Sheriff Aeapio is a racist. He need to appear in Court like any American who willfully ignores the lawful Court Orders. I personally hope he get jail time.

    He has enjoyed the privlidge of hidding behind his badge and hurt countless god fearing humans. He has more than earned his right to be put in jail.

    For those of you who disagree let me just leave you with one thought, if you failed to follow a Federal Judges order, you know that you would be in jail.

    What his famous rant , only following the law!

    He has been absolute and non compliant with the Law. Jail Time!

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