Arizona’s Superrube of Education: Sunday’s comic

Douglas does Washington, Obama was supportive

Unlike Arizona female politicians of the past, Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, hobnobbed with President Obama and kept here finger out of his face when she met with him during her attendance at the national Council of Chief Superintendents of Schools Organization (CCSSO) annual conference in Washington, D.C.

Douglas also met with fellow state superintendents, who were also spending taxpayer dollars, to rub shoulders with the nation’s top educrats.

Douglas press release reads:

The CCSSO was very supportive and favorable to the approach for public input and continuing high standards that she is implementing for Arizona, Douglas said. In addition, she networked with her colleagues and they discussed innovations being proposed in each state and at the national level.

Superintendent Douglas and Chief of Staff Michael Bradley had a private meeting with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. They discussed a number of issues, including standards, funding and flexibility proposals. The discussion was outstanding and an ongoing dialogue schedule has been established. Douglas had lunch with Duncan following the meeting.

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  1. Where was ducy since he has now taken over the position and filled it with his cronies. douglas needs to be charged for any funds utilized since she is actually NOT the EDucation Representative of AZ. She gave up the fight when she caved to ducy and co.

    And I would not necessarily call it hob knobbing to be seen with bho either.

  2. If I were governor I would cut the funds for anyone to go to any national conference. That’s where they find all the NEW ideas that cost us money. That includes ALL government employees from Gov on down. Special interest group policies, from common core creators, come into fruition at DC conferences. Building rules and regulations are piled on from NEW ideas found at national conferences for building inspectors, planning & zoning departments. No more travel expenses for any government employees outside of AZ.

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