Bill stops Phoenix from spying on residents

Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio said Rep. Warren Petersen’s proposed bill, SB 1241, will stop “environmental extremists,” who are hoping to ban plastic grocery bags. SB1241 would block municipalities, and counties from passing ordinances that ban or tax the use of plastic bags, Styrofoam and other containers.

The bill would prevent local governments from requiring businesses to report how much energy they use.

Phoenix “was set to spy on your electricity use and spent $600,000 last year to spy on your garbage use. This bill stops Phx from doing any of that nonsense,” DiCiccio wrote on Facebook.

“Unfortunately last year the Mayor and council already voted to spend over $600,000 of your money on garbage spying rather than police. I fought against using your money on this foolish proposal,” noted DiCiccio.

Already in Tucson, the City Council has saddled merchants with the cost of reporting how many bags they use and how many are recycled.


  1. Citizens owe a debt of gratitude to councilman DiCiccio and anyone else instrumental in blocking these anti-capitalist totalitarian scumbags.

  2. Hope it passes and drives the enviros nuts. They are helping to be the downfall of this once great country. Screw them and their causes. Wonder what mouse that they want to save this week and how much they want my electric rates to go up?

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