EPA awarded three bulls by Western Caucus for grill study


The EPA awarded three bulls by Western Caucus has awarded the EPA “with a fourth to be added pending any future move by the EPA to regulate residential grills.” The award was given to the EPA by the Caucus, “for using taxpayer money to study the EPA-perceived “hazards” of a traditional American pastime, enjoyed most famously on the annual celebration of our independence.”

According to a statement issued by the Caucus, “The EPA continues stealing its way into every home and every season of the year. In February, mid winter, the agency finalized regulations further restricting wood stove manufacturers and setting stringent soot standards. Now, as spring starts to break through and summertime lies just around the bend, we learn that the EPA decided to fund a study examining yet another EPA-perceived danger to the environment: barbecue grills. The EPA awarded a $15,000 grant to the University of California—Riverside to examine “particulate emissions” from “residential barbecues.” The study is intended to develop technology to reduce “air pollution” and “health hazards” due to residential barbecues with “potential for global application.”

The Caucus holds that while the “EPA says they do not currently regulate backyard grills, the federal government didn’t used to regulate wood stoves either before 1988 and American families who rely on those stoves for warmth in the wintertime have seen how that has changed and grown even more restrictive in recent years.”


  1. What would be really great is if there was a really huge earth quack that turned Arizona and Nevada into west coast beach front property.

  2. Yet another out-of-control government agency that really needs its wings clipped. California is usually the starting line for all the ridiculous restrictions imposed on us by these silly agencies. Maybe we can divest the nation of Calfornia’s asinine tactics.

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