Cupcakes, untested AZMerit for Arizona students

Little Johnny can eat some comfort food to recover from the trauma of taking the AZMerit thanks to Arizona Senator Debbie Lesko.

On Wednesday, as Lesko was voting against HB2246, which would have permitted parents to opt-out of untested AZMerit test, former ice cream salesman turned Govenor doug Ducey was signing her legislation requiring the state Department of Education to let groups raising money for schools sell “foods of minimal nutritional value.” The legislation takes effect this summer.

The cupcake bill was largely symbolic, due to the fact that Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, announced that the Arizona Department of Education would grant waivers to schools that wanted to raise money by selling cupcakes and cookies.

Due to Ducey’s draconian cuts to education more schools will be scrambling for revenue.

While the opt out bill, sponsored by Rep. Chris Ackerly, was popular with Common Core opponents and teachers unions, it failed to pass on Tuesday and was brought back to life on Wednesday only to die again in the Senate after Democrats switched their votes to oppose it.

Douglas tried to hand over complete control of the State Board of Education (SBE) when she asked lawmakers to shift SBE staff from under the control of ADE to the Governor’s office. HB2184 would have created a separate agency with its own funding.

The bill died earlier this session but was brought back on Wednesday at the request of Rep. Livingston. The motion passed by a voice vote. It finally died today.

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  1. Once upon a time children took 1 assessment test per year. That is when teachers were allowed to teach creatively and children were allowed to think and devour what that were learning. But now, there isn’t any time for real teaching to take place in the classroom or even digest what has been quickly taught, because children are wasting time being given pre tests, tests and post test. There isn’t much time to explain anything. This creates a great divide between those that are able to catch on quickly or have parents that can assist and guide them at home and those that are not mature enough yet to understand it immediately in class. And, the later group usually does not receive assistance from anyone. No thorough teaching can take place in schools across our country now. We are being taken over and our choices have been thrown out of the window.
    Everyone should look into the reasons why schools are taking the wrong path. I have my own ideas but you also need to learn what is happening in America.

    • The biggest reason why schools are going down the wrong path is, quite simply, money, the almighty dollar. There are too many entities that see schools as cash cows, testing companies, et. al. all have their fingers in the mix for the sole reason of making money, students be damned. Federal interference in state school systems is another issue that pushes schools in the wrong direction.

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