Worst selfie evah! Sunday’s comic

or as Southern Arizona burns, Victoria Steele, Richard Elias, Regina Romero, and Jonathan Rothschild whoop it up and show their narcissistic sides……………

The economy is in the dump, the brain drain has hit astronomical proportions, and the light at the end of the tunnel is a train, but it is not filled with copper heading to a smelter…..

But it is okay, ask Richard Elias… Si Se Puede!

Richard, we can do what… exactly?


  1. Thanks to the decades of leadership by ‘progressives’, Tucson is now both figuratively and literally a dump.

    No growth. No prosperity. No future.

    But you can live in boxes alongside Pancho Villa in our downtown park and defecate on the streets, call yourself ‘Occupy’ and have the support of the City Council.

  2. Yes we can, kick the can down the road some more and let the city continue its current death spiral. A college football bowl game, you got to be kidding me. They are more concerned about plastic bags than billions of dollars in debt. Remember the shopping cart roundup???? Oh and hows that little toy train doing today??

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