Ducey tells Regents to get a plan

Arizona Board of Regents

They don’t want to change their ways, but on Thursday, Arizona’s universities were told by Governor Doug Ducey to do just that. On Thursday, Ducey told the Arizona Board of Regents to work with him to create a “long-term business plan” for higher education.

Ducey said the Regents should “direct President Klein and our university presidents to work with my administration to refashion the strategic plan you already have into a sustainable, long-term business plan that addresses the needs of students and the business community that depends on their success.”

Ducey said the plan should be one “that policymakers and elected leaders, starting with myself, can support, take to the public, advocate for and implement.”

He told the Regents that the universities must regard the state as only one of “many investors.” Ducey added, “While universities provide an important public service, state support is not and cannot be the only financial driver for the future growth of our university system.”

Ducey warned the universities against raising tuition instead of cutting programs that do not have adequate value. Ducey urged the regents to approach the issue in a businesslike manner. “I urge you to leverage every entrepreneurial opportunity, maximize operational efficiency, eliminate programs that do not work, streamline administrative processes where you can, and ask your team to do more.”

“When you have exhausted every other pathway, I urge you to use restraint because price and value matter – and in business, making a quality product that fewer can afford does not often make sense,” stated Ducey.

Arizona’s universities’ revenues come from four major sources: gifts, grants and federal aid (32 percent); investment incomes and similar sources (14 percent); tuition and fees (36 percent); and finally, state funds (18 percent), according to the Yellow Sheet.

German Cadenas, president of ASU’s Graduate and Professional Student Association, asked Ducey about in-state tuition for students living in the country illegally, otherwise known as Dreamers. “There is a group of students in Arizona who don’t have equal access and don’t have the same amount of opportunity as everybody else,” said Cadenas, according to the Yellow Sheet. “Ducey gave a predictable answer,” the Yellow Sheet reports, “he’ll wait for Congress to resolve illegal immigration and for the courts to sort out specific questions surrounding this complex subject, including the plight of Dreamers.”

Ducey said he was opposed to President Obama’s executive orders. “This is something I would like to see resolve at the congressional level. I realize that our president put forward an executive order, which is being stayed in the courts right now. We will wait for the courts to make their decision both at the federal level and at the state level.” Ducey dodged the question in-state university tuition for Dreamers. The Yellow Sheet reports: “Their tuition rate is something ABOR could set and it is a policy the governor could pursue, the student said. Again, Ducey gave a safe answer, saying that the issue of in-state tuition for Dreamers partly hinges on the court’s decision on Obama’s executive orders. However, he did not immediately shut down the idea. He said ABOR sets tuition policies: “I’ll leave them to the Board of Regents, with my input as governor.”

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  1. Tuition isn’t going up just for minorities Richard. It’s going up for everyone. Every issue is not about race.

  2. The worthless courses are the money makers since most kids DO NOT seem to want to take any challenging courses that will provide for future opportunity. We need more lara and related courses as they appeal to the ones who push such stuff and they do little to improve the plight of the down trodden. Most cannot read, write or do simple math and as HS grads many can barely speak english! Just go down by any middle or HS and listen to what they say, most of it is just ignorant garbage.

    But richard and others like to maintian that its always the r’s and not the d’s who are at fault. If he would look at who controlls everything locally he would see its the d’s and that if the kids are dumb he need to look no further for the reason.

    douchy is just trying to feather his nest. Articles recently have pointed out the worthless courses and tracks being set by the universities, although NAU seems the least of the bunch to be doing so or at least they get the least press of the 3. Pcc is another example of the $$ and know nothing crowd. just look at what has been going on there the last couple of years. I graduated from the UA and it was a liberal bastion back then (70’s) and remains so today. The ones that can leave, the ones that cant stay, much like tusd is going through now. I am sure not all ua instructors are bad, but I would bet most cowtow to the libs and dont make waves to survive. They did back then also.

  3. Richard is one of the biggest racist responding to ADI articles. He sees everything through eyes that only see color. He is a victim creator just like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Are they your heroes Richard? Do you want everyone to be poor and on government hand-outs so you can keep writing about the victims? Take some history classes and learn about the opportunities in this country. Maybe you could actually look at the platform of the Republican party and see how it would help to create individuals with strength and knowledge of what this country is about. I’m certainly not saying the Republicans live by their platform but it would be a better country if they did. Get Valadez out of there until we’re all on welfare because of the high taxes and jobless county he keeps promoting. Having another democrat in that position regardless of the color of their skin will only continue the high taxes and joblessness in Pima County. Think about it Richard. What you are preaching isn’t working. We’re all Americans. Remember that when you start your next victimhood promotion.

  4. Richard, your bigotry is showing again, and what does making the colleges have a plan for support other than soaking the students (of all races) for more money? You happy with the next big bubble that the government will reach into your pocket one more time to pay off and those are student loans. College should be reasonably priced but its not. You OK with that? You must be and it has absolutely nothing to do with racism.

  5. Gee, how unique. Get a freeking plan and quit soaking the students every time they need more money. Get rid of worthless programs?? Never happen. Why change now? They protect their own no matter how worthless the programs or instructors. I bet that over twenty percent of the current course offerings could be cut and no one would miss them except the overpaid and tenured professors. I will say one thing that I agree with our “liar” on this one.

  6. Mark my words, Ducey has eye on White House. He will distroy everything in his path that is not ultra conservative.

    Education, we don’t need no stinking education for minorities. Let’s just build more prisons and created a society if haves and have nots.

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