Arizona Board Of Regents Approve Tuition Hike

On Monday, the Arizona Board of Regents approved tuition and fee rates for the universities that minimize increases for resident undergraduate students and offset some of the $99 million in state funding cuts for fiscal year 2016.

When factoring in the additional 8,200 students expected in enrollment growth next year, the combination of the $99 million cut in state aid and tuition and fee increases leaves overall operating dollars per student at $390 less (minus 2.4 percent) than they were in fiscal year 2015. When adjusted for an expected two percent inflationary increase, that figure jumps to a decline of $718 (minus 4.4 percent) per student. With the latest state budget cut, state funding represents approximately 15 percent of university operating budgets compared to 50 percent just a decade earlier.

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“In considering today’s tuition proposals, the board asked our universities to implement internal spending cuts first and foremost,” said Mark Killian, Arizona Board of Regents chairman.

Arizona State University resident undergraduate students will pay a temporary, one-time fee next year of $320. Resident undergraduate students saw no increase in their tuition. Continuing resident undergraduate students on Northern Arizona University’s Tuition Pledge Program will see no tuition and mandatory fee increase, with incoming undergraduate students seeing an increase of 3.7 percent. New students not on the Pledge Program will see a 3.7 percent increase in tuition and mandatory fees.

At the University of Arizona, current students in the Tuition Guarantee Program will see no increase in tuition and mandatory fees and continuing students can opt in to the plan at the lower rate. New resident undergraduate students on the University of Arizona’s Tuition Guarantee Program will see a 4.14 percent increase in tuition and mandatory fees, while students at the UA who are not participating in the Tuition Guarantee Program will see a 2.8 percent increase.

Resident graduate students at ASU will have a 2.8 percent increase in tuition and mandatory fees; a 4.8 percent increase at NAU; and 2.8 percent at UA.

ABOR President Eileen Klein said, “Our board worked closely with the university presidents to formulate tuition proposals that minimized impact on resident undergraduates but also allowed the universities to stay on track with achieving critical goals for the state.”

In-state tuition among Arizona’s public universities remains competitive with peer institutions nationwide.

Arizona University System Base Tuition and Mandatory Fees, 2015-16: ASU Increase NAU Flagstaff Increase UA Main Increase
Resident undergraduate $10,478 3.2% -one-year $320 fee $10,358 – New Student Rate 3.7% $11,403 – New Student Rate 4.1%
Nonresident undergraduate $25,458 3.9 % $23,348 – New Student Rate 3.7% $32,630 – New Student Rate 10.9%
Resident graduate $11,604 2.8% $9,606 4.8% $12,048 2.8%
Nonresident graduate $27,760 3.9% $21,244 4.9% $30,370 5.8%
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