As Arne Sees It: Sunday’s Comic

Remember how awful American Indian boarding Schools were? Arne Duncan doesn’t….

Obama Education Secretary Proposes ‘Public Boarding Schools’: ‘Certain Kids We Should Have 24/7′

Tuesday in Arlington, VA, at the Youth Violence Prevention Summit, Education Secretary Arne Duncan proposed government-run public boarding schools which would be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Duncan said, “One idea that I threw out … is this idea of public boarding schools. That’s a little bit of a different idea, a controversial idea. But the question is—do we have some children where there’s not a mom, there’s not a dad, there’s not a grandma, there’s just nobody at home? There’s just certain kids we should have 24/7 to really create a safe environment and give them a chance to be successful.”

To watch the video, click here.

American Indian Boarding Schools Haunt Many

For the government, it was a possible solution to the so-called Indian problem. For the tens of thousands of Indians who went to boarding schools, it’s largely remembered as a time of abuse and desecration of culture.

The government still operates a handful of off-reservation boarding schools, but funding is in decline. Now many American Indians are fighting to keep the schools open.

‘Kill the Indian … Save the Man’

The late performer and Indian activist Floyd Red Crow Westerman was haunted by his memories of boarding school. As a child, he left his reservation in South Dakota for the Wahpeton Indian Boarding School in North Dakota. Sixty years later, he still remembers watching his mother through the window as he left.


  1. Arne is trying to kid US. He knows there are already schools like this across America, and they are spreading under the radar. They call them a “madrasa” for the young, right out behind the ol’ neighborhood mosque; they call them “prison muslim recruitment missions” by the ol’ neighborhood imam with the picture of the sword on his Koran. And don’t forget the muslim jihad training camps and communes across America, which have been declared “no-go” zones by the religion-of-peace inhabitants and enforced with peaceful armed muslim guards. Yup, Arne’s plans are already underway. He just wants another way to funnel more tax dollars to the jihad. They’ll hold special extra credit classes in “rioting, burning & looting.”

    What a perfect plan for recruiting recruits and calling them “converts.” And how many brain-dead Americans will say “Duhhh, OK, sounds good to me, as long as they let them play basketball (where’s the TV remote?).”

    God bless America.

  2. James Clavell wrote a short book about this sort of schooling, A Child’s Story, back in the 1960’s. Arne Duncan has made it his doctrine.

  3. and maybe we can give them some brown shirts to wear! Yeah that’s the ticket to success! we’ll get rid of the ‘unwanted parts of the society and put in the ones we want… the true blood americans

  4. Only ideas like this could come from inside the beltway and some idiots think it would be a good idea. Yea, I want more government in my life, right. Screw them and the horse they rode in on. Less government would be just fine. I can survive quite nicely, thank you.

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