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Taken for a Ride – No on Prop 104

May 1, 2015- Today, the Taken for a Ride – No on Prop 104 committee publicly announced its formation to oppose the $31,500,000,000 sales tax (Transaction Privilege Tax) that will be put before voters on August 25, 2015. The sales tax, which was approved to go before voters by Mayor Greg Stanton and several city council members, is calculated to give Phoenix, Arizona one of the highest sales tax rates in the United States.

Explaining why he is chairing the “No” committee, United States Army Veteran Matthew Kenney said, “When I returned from the battlefields in the Middle East, my hometown of Phoenix led the country in kidnapping and poverty.” Kenney said he was staggered to learn, “At a time when my commute times are below the national average, Phoenix’s murder, robbery, assault and overall crime rates were on the rise (latest 2012 statistics). Phoenix leaders have lost their focus – it’s about badges not buses — they are getting it wrong.”

Once touted as one of the “best-run” cities in the country, Phoenix, Arizona has seen a troubling decline since the new Mayor was sworn in, in 2011. In discussing Phoenix’s rapid decline, Taken for a Ride Consultant, Mike Noble said, “Phoenix was most recently a city in the black and now finds itself trying to tax itself out of the red. No society in the history of the world has taxed itself into prosperity regardless of the types of jobs you intend to create.”

In what many are calling a generational tax, Proposition 104’s language is very unclear according to election observers and legal scholars who are considering challenges. Mike Noble said, “Hiding $31 Billion from taxpayers reminds me of underhanded politics– Politician’s generally rue the day that they try to slip one by the taxpayers.”

Matthew Kenny added, “Phoenicians and small business owners will have to shoulder a 31.5 billion dollar tax burden and the mayor cut a deal with big business excluding purchases above $10,000 from the proposed new tax, where is my deal Mr. Mayor?”

Chairman, Matthew Kenney concluded, “31 billion dollars will buy every man, woman and child living in Phoenix Arizona today, a smart car…. Out of the goodness of Phoenix taxpayer’s hearts, we could also purchase a smart car for every man woman and child who lives in Tucson Arizona. This is just bad policy, we should vote no on Prop 104.”


  1. I have come to the conclusion the most Politicians are Non Essential and Expendable Personnel and our lives would be greatly improved if we had thousands fewer of them. “We the people” are worse of tax wise then when we were Ruled by the British. The Rebel Patriot’s, who in today’s term’s would have been categorized as “terrorist’s”, won our freedoms, and over the Centuries the largest Terroristic, Criminal organization, AKA, U.S. Federal Government, has stripped us of them.

  2. Don’t let Chuckie and Ray Carroll find out about this new tax hike. They’ll start it here.

  3. Wow, these spend addicts just can’t stop fixing themselves.

    Where in the hell can you spend and tax your way outta previous bad decisions.

    Close the checkbook and just keep your greedy fingers outta the cash drawer, go back to basics.

    I bet the right person could cut the fat and lard and lower the taxes,

    No more of the I know what’s best for these idiots to get a pass on. BASICS MAN looks like your a failure beyond basics,

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