Phoenix Police Officer Saves Homeless Man’s Hand

By taking quick action, Phoenix Police Officer Richard Dicarlo saved the left hand of Thomas Goodwin, a homeless man.

Goodwin, a 61 year old Phoenix native, said of Officer Dicarlo’s effort, “I would have lost my hand, the cancer had already gone to the bone and it was getting worse by the minute.”

According to Phoenix Police, Mr. Goodwin is recovering from emergency surgery at Circle the City, a non-profit facility that provides free medical care and support for homeless in a safe environment 24 hours a day.

Officer Dicarlo, a 23 year veteran, has known Mr. Goodwin for years while working on the Mountain View Precinct NET squad.

The Police report that on a day in April, Officer Dicarlo noticed Mr. Goodwin’s hand didn’t look well. The officer took Mr. Goodwin to the hospital and stayed with him, until his surgery was scheduled.

“It turns out he had squamous skin cell cancer in his hand. Living on the streets, he had almost given up, but I knew we could help,” Officer Dicarlo said. He connected Mr. Goodwin with Circle the City to help him with medical contacts and recovery.

While Mr. Goodwin heals, he will get help with future housing possibilities from Circle the City. “It’s all about helping people connect. That makes life better for all of us,” Officer Dicarlo says, “I’m just glad I could help.”

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