The “Taliban” in Our Midst, A Rebuttal

By Chuck Wooten

I read with interest and disbelief, the op-ed of Lawrence B. Wilkerson, a retired Army Colonel and Advisory Board member of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) in the May 22, 2015 issue of the Huffington Post. In his hate piece, Wilkerson calls Air Force Major General Craig Olson a “danger” and referred to him as “American Taliban.” Why? Because this senior leader had the gall to publically proclaim “I am a redeemed believer in Christ.” Apparently, according to Wilkerson, he is a dangerous man, making a dangerous display of religion.

Before I begin with my mission to publically rebut and take Wilkerson and his hate group to the woodshed, I think some housekeeping is in order:

First, like Major General Olson, I too, am a redeemed believer in Christ.

Second, my intention is not to defend General Olson. The U.S. Air Force found nothing to substantiate the need for action. The MRFF squawked and squawked but failed to make a case for immediate court martial and have the general punished to the fullest extent of the law. That must’ve hurt.

Third, I am not defending the Christian faith. Because we (Christians) serve an almighty God, and He doesn’t need us to defend Him from squawkers. He knew about them and how they were going to behave before the foundation of the Earth. People cannot surprise God.

What I am doing, however is to approach this hate speech of Wilkerson’s (he’ll forgive me for not calling him “sir”…respect is earned) from a different perspective. Because I’m an unapologetic Christian and senior military leader (retired), I call things as they are, but I do it with love. As an aside, the haters really can’t handle our love walk, so it occurs to me; this is exactly how Jesus would deal with this issue. I will follow His example and be quite blunt.

Now that we have those things established, let’s get on with the task at hand, calling out Lawrence Wilkerson and the MRFF. I know, it’s a fool’s errand…these people have hearts so hard toward Christ it’s almost biblical, but as a leader I simply cannot allow Wilkerson’s hate to go unchallenged.

Wilkerson asserts that anyone in uniform, who “wears their religion on their sleeves” is a danger to our country. Aside from being hyperbolic, it is his position that could pose a danger. Now, I suppose in Wilkerson’s jaundiced mind, Olson’s profession of his faith – in uniform – in public – at a Christian prayer event – broadcast by a Christian T.V. network, posed a danger to America. Olson was an invited, official speaker—thus, the uniform, to speak about his faith at an event set up specifically to receive his message. Where is the danger?

The retired Army Colonel goes on to assert that our enemies will use Olson’s profession of faith as a propaganda tool. Guess what, Colonel? Our enemies only have to lightly peruse the MRFF website to get all the propaganda fuel they need. Please, Colonel spare us your projection tactics. They are boring, but I digress…

Wilkerson and his cronies try desperately to pass themselves off as authorities on the Constitution, which they claim is the basis for their very existence. No harm in that except, in trying to stick with their false narrative, they spend way too much time trying to convince everyone that the Constitution says what it doesn’t say. Unlike my liberal brothers-in-arms, I’ll use specifics:

Wilkerson refers in his article to “the Constitutional separation of church and state.” Guys, come on…this is such a tired and worn out argument. Saying it over and over will not make it truth. Never. Nowhere. Not once does this appear in the Constitution. It never has and never will. You know as I that this “wall” was referred to in writings between Thomas Jefferson and the Baptist Association of Danbury, Connecticut. Last I checked, the Baptist Association of Danbury was not a participant in drafting our Constitution.

Wilkerson goes on to claim that, “We officers, when we take the oath of office, surrender for the duration of our service the privilege of publically professing our religion.” Colonel Wilkerson, that is a lie and you know it. Honor and integrity are clearly not your core values as a human and an officer.

Wilkerson cites Secretary/General Colin Powell to bolster his claim. He writes of Powell as someone “who incidentally, would never have worn his religion on this sleeve.” He conveniently fails to mention that Powell stated publically, “I have the moral fortitude…” and the “…blessings of a Christian education and Christian upbringing and the blessings of a strong moral family.” One has to wonder how his words don’t qualify as a public profession his Christian faith,” according to Wilkerson and the MRFF? Hypocrites.

As a senior enlisted leader of the greatest Air Force ever, I can personally attest that the assertion of any profession of religion has no impact on a unit’s good order and discipline. No more so than any person’s profession of sexuality …but it is unlikely that Wilkerson would want to talk about that. The troops are driven to accomplish their mission…Period. Wilkerson ignores that simple truth to make his vitriolic, insulting and flimsy argument.

Should any person’s faith, or lack thereof, becomes an issue of good order and discipline, that unit has deeper leadership problems. Blaming it on religion is a weak and disingenuous cop-out…and Wilkerson knows this, too.

The over dramatization of the Christian influence in Wilkerson’s piece is absurdly laughable. The notion that our military forces are no different than al qaeda, ISIS, al nusra because of Christian “religious fanatics” is stunningly stupid. If he doesn’t know that, his judgment is even more flawed than I initially believed.

Singling out Major General Olson in such a malicious and libelous fashion is what is truly egregious, not his open profession of faith. Attacking the Air Force’s leadership by calling them cowards (being afraid of certain members of Congress) is equally libelous on the part of Wilkerson. Carrying the attack to the halls of Congress shows desperation and imminent failure of the MRFF. Don’t take my word for it, simply peruse the MRFF website. It won’t take long to find the cry for cash. In fact, the plea to donors is the ONLY decent thing written by the CEO, “Mikey” somebody or other.

To boil this entire issue down to its lowest form, Wilkinson and the MRFF are nothing more than predictable liberals. They make a living by fabricating controversy where none exists (think Al Sharpton). They hide behind massively loquacious pieces of hate-filled diatribe which ultimately means nothing. A by-product of their incessant squawking is a colossal waste of tax dollars when a branch of the military or court has to divert attention from its mission to swat these gnats aside.

It must be exhausting for Wilkinson and the MRFF to fight a fictitious foe only to have their butt handed to them in defeat. That’s what the U.S. Air Force just did to them in the case of General Olson. Move along, nothing to see here folks.

What leftists like Wilkerson and their evil minions fail to recognize is that we’ve (Christians) have heard this song before…many times. There is truly nothing new under the sun. They are no more clever in trying to destroy the Christian church than every other thug-wannabe that’s tried over the past 2000 years. Really, the only things that change are the names. We’re still standing.

While this group spews liberal buzzwords designed to incite faux rage directed at Christians in the military, their real foe is Christianity itself. Simply put: they hate Jesus (and He knows it, too). They can try and deny it or disguise it by diversion, but it never works. The truth is the truth. Every attack Wilkinson and his cronies launch under the banner of religious freedom carries a bull’s eye aimed directly at the Cross of Jesus.

Interestingly, there are no similar attacks on Muslims. Even when Nadal Hasan murdered 13 and injured 32 in the name of Allah, the MRFF didn’t spring into action and try to shut down the Ft. Hood leadership or squawk at Big Army to bring him to justice. What they did, according to “Mikey”, was to condemn what Hasan did, BUT, went on to explain that he did it because he was being picked on and couldn’t take it anymore. Hasan clearly wore his “religion on his sleeve” and in the chambers of his weapons, but was somehow excused by MRFF. I personally find that curious. Apparently, according to the MRFF’s perverted thinking, it’s okay to murder in the name of allah, but not okay to profess to be a believer in Christ.

Let’s face it; the MRFF is nothing more than a low-level, low-inflence group of Christian persecutors. This next statement is going to make some liberal brains explode…

We just don’t care about you or your plans to destroy the church. You will not succeed, so ultimately, you just don’t matter to us. Really. We knew this job was dangerous when we took it…like joining the military. Persecution for us is a way of life. We get it. It has to be done according to the Word of God. We were made fully aware that our walk of faith would include persecution and we’re willing to endure. So, in very, very real terms, all of this is a fulfillment of Holy Scripture and Wilkinson and his ilk are in actuality, aiding in bringing into manifestation God’s Word. There are those that have to persecute and those that have to endure it, but WE humans, we get to choose which team to play for. It’s not that complicated. Be assured though, we are guaranteed victory. We read the end of the book…we win.

Know this, Mr. Wilkinson: we that follow Jesus are also willing and able to tell those that hate us, “we love you and we forgive you. Above all, we hope one day you’ll know the love God has for you and invite Jesus into your heart.” Wrap your mind around that, Colonel.

And one final thought for Wilkinson and the MRFF to ponder:

But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven. ~ Jesus

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  1. Taliban they say. Maybe I missed it, but when did one of these Christian officers say convert or die while holding a large knife.

  2. Here’s a lesson. Check out M. Gray’s post above: he denigrates the author here but offers no evidence or compelling counter-logic for his assertions. He offers only his assertions — and like any good Leftist, the reader is only to believe him, not question him. In that, he is just like the retired colonel and his nasty, mean-spirited if thankfully effete, MRFF.

    Leftists cannot tolerate religions as it challenges the authority of the state and the morality that the state declares. Little dictator wannabes like Gray and the Colonel use the constitution only as an excuse to throw the constitution out the window, as just another obstacle to their autocratic power.

  3. With the shenanigans of Craig Olson and the weak, spurious defense of his actions by Chuck Wooton here in print, it is no wonder that Christianity is losing followers by the thousands here in the United States. Not all Christians are christalibangelicals, but too many of those in that minority do their best to make it sound like each and every Christian should be. In fact, most of the folks commenting here defending the wrongheaded and outright illegal, unconstitutional actions of MGN Craig Olson, including Chuck Wooten, seem to fall into that extremist christalibangelical minority. Way to proverbially shoot yourselves in the foot, guys.

  4. I support Mikey Weinstein and the MRFF.

    Chief, it looks to me that your opinion, and Mikey’s, could not differ more. You two have completely different values and world views. As a supporter of Mikey, I note many instances in your blog article that I consider just wrong. Misinterpretations and misunderstandings abound. I want to say that you are so steeped in your belief system, that anything remotely contrary to it you perceive as an attack. You, sir can’t see the forest for the trees.

  5. You guys do realize that a General Officer in uniform at a Christian event is a great propaganda coup for groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS, right? I mean, they frame us as Crusaders, and all the General did was give some credibility to that idea. If he wanted to show up (obviously did), fine, just don’t go in uniform.

    • Seriously? al q and isis don’t need any prodding by a General at a Christian event, they hate us anyway! They are blind. These jerks have hated us like forever. Propaganda? They don’t need no propaganda to hate and they will believe the moon is made of cheese no matter what proof is made to the contrary, So %c&$w them.
      Do you really think they believe our armed forces are composed of atheists?
      I don’t give a hoot what anyone says This country Is a Christian nation!
      I applaud anyone proclaiming their belief in Jesus Christ!

  6. Marshall doth protest too much. We all have eternal life. Where will you spend yours?

  7. Sounds like Chief Wooten punched your button Marshall. Thanks Chief for standing up for us. I sure wish you could stand up for us in congress.

  8. If ever there was a whole & complete substantiation of the Mikey Weinstein’s concerns about the christaliban take-over of our armed services, the unconstitutional behavior of our senior military leaders, their unholy alliance with wrong-wing religious extremists, and Col. Wilkerson’s additional supporting comments, this outpouring of superstitious, ahistorical, exceptionalism; creation of proverbial ‘strawman’ arguments; and outright lies (as if an organization whose clients are 85% Christian is engaged in ‘persecution’ of Christians! As if an organization serving thousands of aggrieved victims of bullying by Christian supremacists is motivated solely by personal gain!) Wooten‘s self-serving & grandiose comments is peoples’ exhibit #1. And, while Wooten (no ‘Mr.’ someone, somewhere, said ‘respect is earned’) runs on ad nauseum with wrong-wing conspiracy theories and persecutory delusions (does he envision himself on a crucifix?) wrapped around Christian supremacy, his discourse merely serves to place his profound ignorance of U.S. law, and his primitive superstitions on display – OMG!! The bigot has no clothes!!. And by the way, to suggest that Christianity in America is in any way ‘threatened’ while its fundamentalist proponents subvert our secular society & government while Christians in other parts of the world, along with their Muslim brothers, are literally being slaughtered by the Muslim equivalent of the Wootens in America is beyond despicable and condemnable. Wooten, kindly STFU and pray for enlightenment!

    • I have to say, after looking into the facts in this case… I stand with MRFF.

      1) Because they are fighting to protect religious freedoms
      2) Because they are doing it in spite of this kind of propaganda.

      Now that the internet allows for fact checking at the drop of a hat, folks like Mr Wooten here are going to be out of work or relegated to the comic section pretty soon…

  9. Thank you CMSgt. Wooten, it is great to hear from you again, and to admire your attempts to bring the truth to the destroyers. You are exactly correct, they are waging a war to destroy Christianity (which they can never do) and to destroy this Christian country with the help of our federal government. The attacks on Christians in the military is one front in the war to destroy this country, and they can achieve some success just because our military is controlled by that federal government ally.

    Interesting that many of the “I am a Christian, but…” critics can blithely ignore the words of our Savior (Jesus Christ, hence “Christians”) in directing that we should live our whole lives as Christians. That suggests 24 hours every day, work or no. Jesus also said our faith should be the light to the darkness of the community to inspire and save others, and we should not hide the light of our faith under a bushel basket. The disciplined upbringing that the atheists are now trying to inflict on US would force US into the darkness of the Tombs, to hide our light from the others.

    As CMSgt. Wooten points out, freedom is a lot more free nowadays to some groups than it is to other groups. Some species on the Animal Farm are more special than the others.

    God bless America.

  10. Chief,

    I take issue with anyone in leadership offering unsolicited religious, political or intimate information, feedback, advances, etc. to a subordinate. You said ‘Should any person’s faith, or lack thereof, becomes an issue of good order and discipline, that unit has deeper leadership problems.’ That was one of the points Col Wilkerson made, Gen Olson seemed unaware or worse didn’t care that his evangelism may intimidate his subordinates. I’m a Christian and it is only through a disciplined upbringing that I understand there are appropriate places and times to engage in religious debate. Anytime you are leading others, in uniform or not it is inappropriate because you are co opting your position and influence. If you truly believed God needs no defense from ‘squawkers’ then no one in a position of power should feel the need to engage in an evangelical message on the clock. Respectfully, you aren’t considering the feelings or beliefs of the junior officers and enlisted under Gen Olson’s command at the time.

  11. I just visited “Mikey’s” Facebook page and the first thing I saw was a donate now post. Second thing I noticed was the ugly mug of a hater. Third thing I noticed was another request for donations. Mikey is about the money.

  12. I like how Wooten’s article points out that the MRFF’s ulterior motive is to seek money at the expense of persecuting Christians. The first thing that pops up on the MRFF home page is “make a contribution now!” The MRFF is hoping for big donations from liberals by being smarmy. Thanks for exposing their fraud Chief Wooten!

  13. When I read the article in yesterday’s news about a USMC Lance Corporal who received a dishonorable discharge because she did not remove an Old Testament phrase from her desk, by orders of her CO, I realized that this country is in deep trouble. The scripture was a variation with the message that no weapon made shall prevail against me. For a US Marine, that sounds like an appropriate motto, but the CO took great umbrage to the fact that the Lance Corporal did not remove it from her desk. These sorts of cases have cropped up more and more throughout the US military, an effort to drive Christians and the basics of Christianity from all of our armed forces. When that is done, it will be much easier for our government to turn the military onto the very people who support it with their tax dollars. This country is in big trouble; Christians, keep the faith! Soon, it may be all that we have as our rights and property are systematically taken from us.

  14. “one nation under God” ? that changed – the end of our nation near. And what of the Christians when that time comes – Revelations 15.2

  15. I feel sorry for Wilkerson as he does not know God’s love, he can only hate and that tells me whose team he is on. This was a brilliant piece,so many well stated points. It makes me happy that there are people out there who speak Truth. I too am redeemed and know what’s coming but like he said, we Win!

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