Pima County Warns Of Phone Scheme

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department would like to make the public aware of a recurring, yet slightly altered scheme of fraudulent phone calls. In the past, we have repeatedly warned our citizens about phone calls supposedly coming from members of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.

During these calls, typically a male would portray himself as a Sergeant, Lieutenant or other rank and demand payments for an alleged Failure to Appear.

Those receiving the call were threatened with arrest in case of non-payment. On each occurrence, we have stressed that the Pima County Sheriff’s Department would never call anyone and demand payment in any form over the phone, and then threaten with arrest in case the recipient of the call would not comply.

Unfortunately, the scheme described above has resurfaced and the perpetrator(s), seemingly in an attempt to provide their demands more fervor, now impersonate our Chief Deputy.

The suspect called or left messages for the victims and claimed to be Chief Deputy Chris Nanos. One of the victims called the return phone number and listened to a voicemail announcement stating “You have reached the desk of Chief Deputy Chris Nanos.”

This of course is not true. Once again, we urge people to simply hang up should they receive this type of phone call. We ask those who were called to notify 9-1-1 and file a report.

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  1. 4000 residents of Green Valley have now been educated about scams and techniques used by scammers in presentations by the GV Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers. Our message is “Hang-up,Shred, Delete”. This is another scam we will add to our presentations.

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