Sanchez Gets Big Raise, TUSD Subs Get Snubbed

At the end of his contract, which was renewed Tuesday night, TUSD’s Superintendent H.T. Sanchez will earn approximately $260,000 as base salary next year, plus a bonus, which equals $390,000 for next year, with expense allowances. As a result, he will be making over $400,000 next year.

Board members Michael Hicks and Mark Stegeman were not allowed to see the contract before they were asked to vote on it. Juarez admitted in the meeting that he had received the contract by email weeks ago.

Next year, Sanchez will make the $390,000 plus $28,000 in expense allowances and maximum bonus of $15,600 with 8 weeks of paid leave. That amounts to a raise of $75,000 plus one more week of paid leave.

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This year, the Board actually raised his salary by $30,000, with only three weeks left in the year.

Prior to the vote, Board member Michael Hicks asked, “So, the further away you are from students, the more money you make?”

The Governing Board meeting grew tense, as both Board President Adelita Grijalva and Board member Kristel Foster appeared to violate Arizona’s Open Meeting laws by discussing conversations which occurred in Executive Session in order to defend their positions. The two violated the law, after Stegeman asked to discuss the contract in the open meeting. In response, Foster and Grijalva said that the details were discussed in the privacy of the Executive Session and there was no need to discuss them openly.

After the vote, Grijalva called for Sanchez to go through the “love tunnel.” To view contract, click here.

When the TUSD board received an End-of-Year report on achievement – of the 25 broad first-year goals of the “strategic plan” – Sanchez in what is described by Stegeman as a “a self-evaluation,” found that the staff achieved 100% of every goal.” According to Stegeman who posted the comment on Facebook, “The process was obviously quite unlike those used to evaluate students, teachers, and principals. The 25 goals, which include items such as “Develop green energy audits,” skirt TUSD’s two overarching issues: they completely ignore preserving and rebuilding enrollment; and they barely mention and set no standards for any dimension of student achievement. The 25 goals also did not even mention the desegregation case,” concluded Stegeman.

One teacher watching the performance said, “It’s funny. His salary grows at the same rate that students leave.” She then later said, “No, there is nothing funny about it. The joke is on us.”

TUSD has used long term substitute teachers rather than hire full-time teachers who would be eligible for health insurance and retirement benefits. While granting substantial bonuses to administrators, the Board voted against the wishes of Board members Michael Hicks and Stegeman, by approving a contract that farms out substitute teacher personnel issues to ESI, a private contractor.

Flier circulated by teachers' supporters.
Flier circulated by teachers’ supporters.

In an odd twist, administrator Abel Morado, a retiree who also contracts with ESI, was awarded a bonus and expense stipend along with Sanchez’s “leadership team,” to be paid for by the District despite the fact that he is not a District employee. Stegeman challenged the legality of the award, but Board member Cam Juarez said, “We think of him (Morado) as an employee.”

One observer questioned whether the money awarded to Morado was a “gift of public funds” since he is not an employee. Morado has been faithful to the Grijalva family for years, and they have been faithful to him.

Just last week, Sanchez strained some Phoenix area supporters’ faith in him, when he complained that the State Legislature had caused the District to consider budget cuts. Sanchez implied that Governor Ducey had robbed schools.

In May, Sanchez, not known for his candor, called Ducey a liar. He said that Ducey’s claim about “giving more money to K through 12 education,” is “It’s a half truth if even that.”

As a result of his cries of poverty last week, the contract terms presented this week shocked many in the District and took some District officials by surprise.

Table 1: Sanchez’s negotiated salary/bonus/expense contract

4.AAnnual Base Salary210,000210,000210,000270,000280,000
4.BSalary Adjustments 6-9-201530,00050,000
Adjusted Base210,000240,000260,000270,000280,000
4.CPerformanced based Comp6%12,60014,40015,60016,20016,800
8Consultation Activities
9Professional Activities$3,000
11Business Expensesnormal
12Allowances non reimburse25,00025,00025,00025,00025,000
14ALeave /Holidays4532,30836,92340,00041,53843,077
Daily rate408089231,0001,0381,077
14CTotal pre incentive247,600279,400300,600311,200321,800
13CThird Year Incentive50%105,000
13C3rd Year Adjusted50%25,000
Total Compensation247,600279,400430,600311,200321,800
Effect of 6-9 meetingIncreased30,00075,000


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  1. I really think breaking this TUSD Greedy javelina mafia up would end all this crap once and for all.

    3 sole and seperate school districts sounds about right, maybe even 4 of them.

    Who actually does somthing like that, would that be the state level or fed maybe?

  2. Why would Ducey give this bunch any more $$$$$. Break ’em folks. Get you kids out of TUSD asap. They’re better off home watching Sesame Street.

  3. I’m so happy to not be a resident of that lousy school district. I would say I feel sorry for the residents of the district, but they voted for that board or didn’t bother to vote to properly affect change in the district. They are getting what they deserve. Maybe they’ll get out and vote next time or perhaps they like that mess. Either way, no sympathy for anyone except the kids.

    • Mike, I am gradually losing sympathy for the kids because they know that they are getting a substandard education thanks to the Grijalva’s and their crew and most likely they don’t care. They will be one of the 47%. they fit right into the Grijalva mold. Dumb, poor and on the government dole. A real asset to the community and democratic party.

  4. This blow me away, everyone knows what condition TUSDs in, these people don’t deserve this money. TUSD is going down soon. I am ready for a recall and the paper work in hand, need people to join in and help, let’s get rid of these idiota

  5. Lol snicker snicker no shock. That how it is at TUSD, City of Tucson, Pima County on and on.

    I hope someone in TUSD will finally challenge the ppl ans get them out!!

    I will say speaking for myself TUSD will be hard pressed to find a fool like me who lead recall at Sunnyside. The attracts by ppl in power, corruption, the support of others in elected positions ans the back stabbing from your own supporters is intolerable. Ask ADI.

    TUSD needs a leader to champion
    Change who realises you will open your life to community who complain beep beep beep , then refuse to make change. I feel fairly certain theres is no fool like me.

    So hang in my ppl at TUSD, power comes from money, HT will do some fun stuff this year now that he has more power.

  6. Just kind of threw up in my mouth a little when I read this story. Let me see if I got this right. The district is facing a budget shortfall and they are going to lay off administrators to keep money in the classrooms then they give this fraud a hell or a raise?? Are you sj*&^%$g me?? His contract was out for review “some time ago” and only the three asses got it to review?? Gee, the other two might have asked some real pointed questions to Ms Grijalva and her two clones… Foster made the comment that in all likelihood the three bobble heads have seen and approved the contract in direct violation of open meeting laws. Of course they will lie about it and say it never happened but it most certainly did and you voters that voted for Juarez, Foster and Grijalva have to be so happy that you are keeping a liar and a bigot in his current position. I posted a couple of days ago that at the first opportunity he will bolt for bigger and greener pastures of a government job because he fits right in with the Obama administration’s goal of split the races and keep them dumb and poor. When he goes to DC for his meeting on school discipline which is a joke here in Tucson he will be networking and looking for another position that pays him more and has more prestige. What scum and I am talking about the three bobbleheads and almost the entire administration of TUSD. The cesspool is getting bigger all the time and if you don’t seek other ways to get your children educated, shame on you. This school district is destined for the scrap heap of history. It should be broken up into two or three districts and that would be the best for all. At this point in time with all of the cronies in the administration I don’t think anyone could come in and clean house and change the corporate culture that is pure greed and apathy. Time to make some serious changes.

  7. The first school board member jumped right over the second school board member’s back, the second school board member jumped right over the third school board member’s back, the third school board member jumped right over the fourth school board member’s back and the fourth school board member jumped right over the fifth school board member’s back. They were only playing leap frog…etc. (With apologies to the creators of O, What A Lovely War!)

    In the meantime, our students, the future of our community and nation, are getting an inferior education.

  8. “After the vote, Grijalva called for Sanchez to go through the “love tunnel.”

    Adelita LaGorda Grijalva has had H.T. Sanchez in her “love tunnel” ever since he got here.

  9. Money grubbing scum bags, and remember the montra kids, there’s never enough money in education to be pilfered by the thieves while the kids wither on the vine.

    Starve all these thieves to death, take your kids and run.

  10. Call to Action:
    NOW is the time to recall these board members. Sunnyside did it. If there isn’t an attempt to Recall Grijalva, Juarez and Foster, the message is the voters in TUSD don’t care about the corruption and waste or the education of the children in that district.

    Wake Up Tucson

  11. Who allows this blatant highway robbery to happen. Everyone I know with little ones going or about to go to public school is struggling to find a charter school or some other means to educate their kids because of downhill slide of our public education system. You cannot tell me this guy works harder or even as hard as an educated small business owner trying to make it in this town. He has no shame in taking this kind of money while the subs get screwed! I cannot understand why anyone would want to be a teacher or doctor in todays world.

  12. Apparently in this county, your salary matches your incompetence. Sanchez now makes more than the overpaid Chuck Huckleberry.

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