TUSD Tunnel Of Love: Sunday’s Comic

Sanchez Gets Big Raise, TUSD Subs Get Snubbed

At the end of his contract, which was renewed Tuesday night, TUSD’s Superintendent H.T. Sanchez will earn approximately $260,000 as base salary next year, plus a bonus, which equals $390,000 for next year, with expense allowances. As a result, he will be making over $400,000 next year.


Board members Michael Hicks and Mark Stegeman were not allowed to see the contract before they were asked to vote on it. Juarez admitted in the meeting that he had received the contract by email weeks ago.

Next year, Sanchez will make the $390,000 plus $28,000 in expense allowances and maximum bonus of $15,600 with 8 weeks of paid leave. That amounts to a raise of $75,000 plus one more week of paid leave.

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This year, the Board actually raised his salary by $30,000, with only three weeks left in the year.

Prior to the vote, Board member Michael Hicks asked, “So, the further away you are from students, the more money you make?”

The Governing Board meeting grew tense, as both Board President Adelita Grijalva and Board member Kristel Foster appeared to violate Arizona’s Open Meeting laws by discussing conversations which occurred in Executive Session in order to defend their positions. The two violated the law, after Stegeman asked to discuss the contract in the open meeting. In response, Foster and Grijalva said that the details were discussed in the privacy of the Executive Session and there was no need to discuss them openly.

After the vote, Grijalva called for Sanchez to go through the “love tunnel.”

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