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Gosar Joins Dems Against Secretive TPA

Congressman Matt Salmon was unable to convince a handful of Republicans that “TPA is both a necessary and important piece of legislation” including Congressman Paul Gosar, who joined House Democrats in killing the job killing bill today.

Salmon said on Thursday, “Rather than shutting our eyes to the administration’s actions on trade, TPA allows Congress to direct the conversation and, with the American people, oversee the results.” However, like the Affordable Care Act, many opponents believed that the process was secretive and would hurt American workers.

“I voted no on the trade bills. I believe in free trade. The bills Congress just passed are so full of non-trade issues and special deals it would make your head spin. Worst sausage making I’ve seen since the cromnibus,” stated Rep. Paul Gosar after the vote.

To read more: Gosar Joins Dems Against Secretive TPA, click here.


  1. Unfortunately there is little difference between the D’s & R’s this crap really shows it. The Government needs to get out of the way.

  2. And little Martha voted for the bill cause little Johnny told her to do it. She will get a very strong email from me today to say that she is as big a fool has her boss which isn’t the voter of CD2. Yea, lets pass something secret. Yea the bill is so good that we have to spend millions to retrain the workers that lose their jobs. Yea, lets let the H1B visa program increase 10 fold so that the tech companies can import cheaper servants. Whats could go wrong with this POS its backed by the Republicans, the C of C, the tech giants and big pharma.

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