Pima County Board Of Supervisors Lack Discipline

Discipline, restraint and responsibility are all traits of leadership. The Pima County Board of Supervisors and their employee County administrator Chuck Huckleberry seem to be lacking those qualities as evidenced by their recent decision to sue the State of Arizona for recognizing what the taxpayers demanded.

Just in case you didn’t think the taxpayers at the time were serious consider this, on June 3, 1980 voters approved 10 constitutional changes: Prop. 100, 101, 102, & 103: that added and adjusted exemptions for widows, widowers, veterans, and persons with disabilities, Prop. 104: that adjusted the limit on bonded indebtedness for local jurisdictions, Prop. 105: which clarified provisions related to the state expenditure limit, Prop. 106: which placed a 1% cap on taxation of residential properties, Prop. 107: levy limits for local governments, and Prop. 108 & 109: which added expenditures limits for local governments and their taxation upon private property.

I emphasize, the taxpayers spoke loud and clear. This was not the State Legislature, it was the governed, the Taxpayers, who said that they wanted controls on out-of-control spending by government units that process the authority to tax private property.

Now, the Pima County Board of Supervisors and their top administrative employee have launched an all out effort to blame to Arizona legislature for their own poor decision-making. Pima County, the worst offender of failing to recognize the 1% property tax cap, the worst of all 15 counties in Arizona, has now decided to sue the legislature over doing exactly what the taxpayers so strongly demanded. The failure of Pima County leaders to exercise fiscal restraint, refusal to accept responsibility for poor decision-making and their refusal to recognize the will of the voters is reprehensible.

What Pima County leadership fails to recognize is the 1% Property Tax Cap isn’t aimed at the State of Arizona, rather it is a lawful directive aimed at County government to get spending under control.

And now comes the lawsuit, where in reality Pima County is using taxpayer dollars to sue whom? The taxpayers. It’s so easy to spend other peoples money when you refused to take responsibility for your actions.

When an addict is trapped in a cycle of addiction one highly effective treatment strategy is to remove the addict from the environment. The time has come to remove the spendaholocs from their environment. Stop enabling the spending addiction.