Pima County Bail Out: Sunday’s Comic

Pima County Supervisors should follow Harry Truman’s example

“The buck stops here” is a quote used by our 33rd President, Harry Truman, regarding his ability to accept responsibility for everything that happened under his Presidential watch. In contrast, our County Board of Supervisor’s majority does not share this attitude, as this Board’s mindset and company line is to blame the state for its own inability to fiscally manage our county.

Both Ramon Valadez and Ray Carroll have recently written opinion articles blaming our county financial woes on the state. This is the new mantra, repeated by the County Administrator and all others on the Board, with the exception of the District 1 Supervisor – Ally Miller.

Much like a sixth grader blames his dog for eating his homework, in his June 24 Star opinion piece, Ramon Valadez states, “ if we were able to determine our own budget priorities, there would be no increase to the primary tax rate this year.”  So how then, Mr. Valadez, do you explain our property taxes increasing 28% since 2012, with last year’s increase setting a state record? 1

Is it possible the Board is unable to responsibly manage the budget and is using the state as an excuse to raise property taxes once again? Or is it possible that Pima County’s decades long practice of manipulating the state’s funding to the county is finally exposed? Perhaps both?

The state has had to make tough budget decisions and cuts, as Arizona’s budget has ballooned out of control. Consequently, new legislation was enacted by the Legislature to rework the 1% cap legislation that has been in place since 1980.

This 1% cap requires residents to pay up to 1% of their property value, with the state paying all cumulative amounts over 1% for each county.2 This State Legislature decided that paying the overage was no longer sustainable; as a result, the new legislation gives each county a million dollars and requires them to make up the rest.

To read more: Pima County Supervisors should follow Harry Truman’s example, click here.

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  1. Why should I give them more money when they raise my property taxes when ever they feel like? I think not. VOTE NO!

  2. Pete Davis loves Ray Carroll, Bruce Ash, Emil Franzi & McCain. He’s an old establishment, kiss the butts of the elites and be grateful for any crumbs thrown his way Republican. He’s the cause of the continual downfall of the R party. Get active and become a PC and vote out the people like Pete. It’s time for the new generation to take over. BYE, BYE, PETE.

  3. pete please tell us what is negative and false garbage. You seem to have great insight but I have never seen ya here before so yes you must be a grijalva/carrol TROLL since you provide no facts to back up your claim. And yes this is an example of the dems and their lackies at work when they have been outed.

  4. Thanks for the laugh and well written opinion piece by Marla Closen. Pete Davis’ comment above made sense when I found out he was a troll for Ray Carroll. Great job ADI-keep up the good work!

  5. This is the most negative and false garbage that I have ever seen in my70 years of being evolved in politics. I would expect this from Democrats not honest republicans

  6. Great photo. R&R are quite a pair. Both are Chuckie’s sycophants. Get rid of
    ’em next election. Marla Closen is running in the primary against the thuggish, foul mouthed Ray Carroll. Get out there and help her. Even if you’re not in her district send her $$ and tell your friends. It’s up to us to change Pima. We’ve let Huckelberry have it for too long.

  7. Did you expect anything else from those worthless political hacks led by the Huckster. This year its time to get off our asses and work for and vote for two more supervisors to rid ourselves of the pain in the ass that is called Huckelberry. Two votes will do it folks and when might we get them?? Soon I hope.

  8. For many years, Raul Grijalva’s hand picked tool Ray Carroll has conned the voters to think he was for responsible government.

    He’s done absolutely nothing but filled the seat, the back row cheerleader.

    • He made sure his Tucson Country Club Estates had three projects to the tune of over $6M on the bonds. He’s a snake.

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