Juveniles Arrested In Coconino County Burglaries

Coconino Sheriff’s Deputies and Detectives are investigating two residential burglaries that occurred in the Doney Park Community. The first burglary occurred between the dates of July 4th, and 5th 2015 at a residence located on Rojo; the other one occurred sometime before July 2nd at a residence located on Marilee Lane. Investigators had no substantial information that would lead to the identity and possible arrest of a suspect or suspects.

On July 20, 2015 detectives were contacted by the parents of two teenage boys who also reside in the Doney Park Community. According to the concerned parents their sons were in the possession of a large amount of expensive items that did not belong to either of the boys or their parents. With the parents’ permission Investigators contacted and interviewed both of the suspects. During the interview both boys made statements implicating themselves in the crimes. With the parents’ cooperation and assistance Investigators recovered numerous items that did not belong to either of the two suspects. Many of the items recovered were positively identified as being taken during the two previously described residential burglaries. Some of the recovered items are listed below:

• Seven firearms
• Laptop Computer
• Play Station with games
• Twenty-seven tactical or combat type long knives
• Three ammo boxes containing as many as a thousand rounds of ammunition

Both Juveniles were charged with 2 counts each of Residential Burglary and 2 counts each of Felony Theft and were booked into the Coconino County Juvenile Detention Facility. One of the two Juveniles was also charged with 1 count of Trafficking Stolen Property.

Investigators also recovered several items that did not belong to the Juveniles. However, there are no reports listing them as being taken in a burglary. One of these items is a large car speaker that is approximately 3’ in length and 1’ wide. The speaker was allegedly taken from a ministorage locker located in the Doney Park area. Community members who are victims of burglaries or any other crimes and who live in rural unincorporated areas of the county are urged to report these crimes to the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office.

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