Arizona’s Most Wanted Unlicensed Contractor Arrested

On Wednesday, July 29, 2015, Frank Marquez, 52 of Scottsdale, was arrested on six warrants related to contracting without a license, failure to appear on a suspended driver’s license and issuing a bad check.

Working with the Arizona Registrar of Contractor’s (AZ ROC) Compliance Department, the Phoenix Police Department Mountain View Precinct Net Squad tracked down and arrested Marquez at 3400 N. 19th Ave. in Phoenix, AZ on Wednesday.

Marquez, who fails to hold a contracting license in Arizona, was placed on AZ ROC’s Most Wanted list as a repeat offender found to perform poor work and abandon jobsites.

Marquez was listed as the qualifying party on a license issued in 2006 to Artistic Custom Cabinets. Ten complaints, ranging from poor work to abandonment, were filed with AZ ROC between 2006 and 2009. As a result of the investigations into those complaints, the license he worked under was revoked in 2009.

From 2013 to present, Marquez continued illegally operating as an unlicensed entity working under various business names, including Downtown Cabinetry, the Art of Cabinetry and A-1 Custom Cabinetry.

Since 2013, AZ ROC has investigated five additional cases of contracting and advertising without a license after homeowners contacted the Agency to file complaints of poor work and abandonment by Marquez. All five cases were submitted for prosecution following completion of AZ ROC’s investigation. Victims from three of the investigations claimed to have paid Marquez $26,183.50 to install custom cabinets; the remaining two investigations involved an advertising violation and an AZ ROC operation targeting unlicensed entities.

AZ ROC Director Jeff Fleetham stated, “By hiring an unlicensed entity, individuals open themselves up to incredible risk with little recourse for when issues arise. Consumers need to do their homework before hiring someone to perform work on or around their house and AZ ROC’s website provides consumers with the ability to search for licensed contracting professionals in their area.”

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