Nearly $550,000 In Drugs Seized in Yuma Sector

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents seized more than $550,000 in drugs during separate weekend incidents.

Friday morning (August 8), a Border Patrol canine team discovered 57.5 pounds of methamphetamine, worth in excess of $287,700, concealed in non-factory compartments of a vehicle attempting to travel through Wellton Station’s eastbound checkpoint on Interstate 8.

Sunday morning (August 9), agents arrested two of nine illegal Mexican immigrants south of Interstate 8, near mile marker 97. At the time of the encounter, members of the group had been carrying seven bundles of marijuana with a combined weight of 317.58 pounds, worth an estimated $158,790.

Sunday afternoon, an aircrew from the Office of Air and Marine’s Yuma Branch, guided Border Patrol agents to six bundles of marijuana abandoned near Sentinel, south of Interstate 8. The marijuana weighed a combined 204 pounds, valued at $102,000.

All subjects, vehicles and drugs were processed in accordance with Yuma Sector guidelines.

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